0.012 2022-09-14 00:33:57-0400


   - Port from ZMQ::LibZMQ3 to ZMQ::FFI.
     See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/pull/113>.

0.011 2021-12-23 20:51:46-0500


   - Create a small Dockerfile for IPerl + PDL.

     See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/issues/57>,

  Bug fixes

   - Fix IPython version parsing in test (startstarz++).

     See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/pull/110>.

0.010 2021-04-05 14:48:12-0500


   - Kernel now works with JupyterLab.

     Thanks to sknigh, Tmarinus, and vyuh for the bug report and to dlukes for
     the fixes.

     See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/issues/90>,


   - Test console using Expect.pm.

     See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/pull/87>.

  Bug fixes

   - Update parsing the IPython version number in test (Joe Landman, joelandman++).

     See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/pull/97>.

   - Update message protocol to use kernel-status messages
     (David Lukes, dlukes++).

     See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/pull/98>.

   - Fix hanging when running notebook cells in rapid succession and when
     using "Run all cells" Thanks to David Lukes (dlukes++) for the report and
     t.fujiwara (tofjw++) for the fix.

     See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/issues/93>,

   - Unicode output streams on STDOUT/STDERR.

     Thanks to CH Su for the bug report and David Lukes (dlukes++) for the

     See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/issues/35>,

   - Stop JSON decoding raw data blobs.

     See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/pull/100>

  Build changes

   - Test on more recent versions of Perl (Gabor Szabo, szabgab++).

     See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/pull/99>.

   - Run tests on GitHub Actions CI.

     See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/pull/103>.

   - Make Devel::REPL a suggested dependency as Reply is the default backend.

     See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/pull/104>.

0.009 2017-12-17 01:37:41-0600

    - Installation on macOS and Windows are now supported. This is documented
      in `README.md`.
      See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/pull/82>,
    - Align output style with IPython kernel (stphnlyd++).
      See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/pull/66>.

    - Add explicit dependency on `B::Keywords` so that
      `Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Keywords` plugin loads.
      See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/issues/53>.
    - Make sure more of the code base uses `jupyter` rather than `ipython`.
      See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/pull/82>.

0.008 2017-09-08 02:47:34-0400
    - Hide IPerl namespace from PAUSE because a module with the name iPerl
      already exists on CPAN.

0.007 2017-09-07 23:46:03-0400
    - Fix ZMQ protocol to process multiple ZMQ identities by Tom McLaughlin
      (thomasjm++). See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/pull/59>.
    - Use `jupyter` command to launch kernel rather than the deprecated
      `ipython` by Stephan Loyd (stphnlyd++). See
    - Build fixes for dzil by Mohammad S Anwar (manwar++).
      See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/pull/77>.

    - Add support for `is_complete_request` message type by Stephan Loyd
      (stphnlyd++). See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/issues/62>,

    - Split out ChartClicker plugin to separate distribution.
      See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/pull/76>.
    - Split out PDLGraphicsGnuplot plugin to separate distribution.
      See <https://github.com/EntropyOrg/p5-Devel-IPerl/pull/75>.

0.006 2015-08-02 16:27:06-0500
  - add a Chart::Clicker plugin. Much thanks to
    Zhenyi Zhou (zhouzhen1++) for implementing this.

0.005 2015-05-02 20:08:27-0500
  - fix to how the kernel spec is written out. Generate the JSON in the
    bin/iperl script.
  - remove profile template in share/

0.004 2015-05-02 19:46:58-0500
  - update the IPython message spec to v5.0
  - support code completion for the Reply REPL backend
  - Add a kernel spec so that kernel switching can work in the IPython
    Notebook. This means that an IPython profile directory
    (~/.ipython/profile_perl/) is not needed to start a frontend.
  - add HMAC SHA256 signature to message spec

0.003 2015-03-29 13:04:14-0500
  - send warnings to frontend
  - add an environment variable $ENV{PERL_IPERL_IPYTHON} that indicates if
    IPerl is running under IPython.

0.002 2015-02-15 14:56:18-0600
  - support using Reply as the REPL backend
  - add Displayable role
  - add support for IPerl helpers
  - add plugin for PDL::Graphics::Gnuplot
  - add example of rich display system
  - convert `iperl` script from shell script to Perl
  - dev: Travis-CI builds

0.001 2014-08-16 18:27:47-0500
  - initial release
  - still needs more documentation and testing
  - release early, release often
  - happy CPAN Day!