Revision history for Perl extension Hashids

1.001013 2020-12-17T07:40:44Z

    - Maintenance release, no functional changes
    - Switch from Travis CI to GitHub Actions

1.001012 2020-01-25T02:25:44Z

    - Fix bignum pragma check in misc test

1.001011 2020-01-24T03:52:21Z

    - Hashids::Util: fix possible infinite loop in to_alphabet() when
      bignum pragma is loaded, thanks to mla (closes #14)
    - Adjust Travis and AppVeyor CI configurations  

1.001010 2018-10-10T05:36:22Z

    - Fix output comment in synopsis, thanks to Dai Okabayashi
    - Small update on the hex methods, needing a bump of Math::BigInt

1.001001 2018-03-05T11:40:03Z

    - Use "[0-9]" instead of "\d" in number matches to prevent possible
      Unicode digit issues
    - Fix example for Hashids::Util::any()

1.001000 2017-11-04T09:00:59Z

    - Align with v1.1.x of Hashids.js
    - Hashids: use Class::Method::Modifiers::around() for BUILDARGS
    - Hashids::Util: make consistent_shuffle() to always return lists
    - Add constraint on salt length to be less than or equal to alphabet
      length (see also
    - Hashids::Util: add any() to avoid using boolean grep()
    - Add more tests adapted from Hashids.js
    - Various other small fixes suggested by Perl::Critic and

1.000005 2017-06-24T13:42:15Z

    - Hashids::Util: ensure we carry a bignum() upon reduce() in
      from_alphabet(), fixes #11
    - Add appveyor CI (no badge yet though, needs fix in Minilla)

1.000004 2017-06-23T06:40:54Z

    - Reduce calls to Hashids::Util::bignum() to further simplify code

1.000003 2017-06-23T05:51:41Z

    - Add test for encoding lists with set minHashLength
    - Move private functions into Hashids::Util module
    - Rename _hash/_unhash to to_alphabet/from_alphabet for
      consistency with upstream JS methods
    - Use Horner's method on from_alphabet

1.000002 2015-01-22T09:01:42Z

    - Switched calculations to use Math::BigInt, thanks to Troy
      Morehouse (closes #6)

1.000001 2014-12-04T06:54:57Z

    - Fix issue where some hashes could not be decoded, thanks to
      C. A. Church (closes #7)

1.000000 2014-09-10T13:00:52Z

    - Bump to 1.0.0 hashids.js API, closes #5
    - Add encode_hex() and decode_hex() methods
    - Add Perl 5.20 to travis build
    - Add coveralls test coverage reporting
    - Add more tests

0.08 2013-10-20T10:58:30Z

    - Check intial arguments sooner
    - Adjust travis build (use Perl 5.14 to 5.18)
    - Add Travisa badge in README

0.07 2013-08-30T11:42:51Z

    - Fix 'map ord reverse split...' for perls < 5.18

0.06 2013-08-30T11:14:06Z

    - Add note regarding algorithm versions
    - Croak instead of die
    - No more using List::MoreUtils and Scalar::Util
    - encrypt() accepts counting numbers only
    - Refactor some more

0.05 2013-08-26T10:40:41Z

    - Adjust deps
    - A lot more refactoring

0.04 2013-08-22T18:10:56Z

    - Fix a bug in decrypt() when subclassing
    - Let decrypt() emit sane output in when in list context, and be
      symmetric to encrypt()
    - Remove Test::Deep, use Test::More::is_deeply() instead

0.03 2013-08-20T15:57:59Z

    - Let the construct accept salt string only for consistency with
      other Hashids implementations
    - Refactor a really little bit :)

0.02 2013-08-20T10:01:07Z

    - Forgot salt key in SYNOPSIS

0.01 2013-08-20T08:41:48Z

    - initial release, a straight port of hashids.js for Perl.  Expect
      updates soon :)