Revision history for Perl extension Vector-QRCode-IntoPDF

0.05 2021-12-03T00:22:51Z
    - Moved 11_simple.t to xt/

0.04 2021-12-02T06:29:17Z
    - Added test data for PDF v1.4

0.03 2019-04-12T07:41:10Z
    - [resolved] Undeclared dependency Class::Accessor::Lite (reported by Slaven Rezić)
    - [resolved] t/11_simple.t fails (reported by Slaven Rezić)
      It was caused by difference of PDF version (expected PDF v1.3, but PDF v1.4 provoked data differences when testing).

0.02 2014-04-09T06:38:02Z
    - modify test. Now Digest::SHA isn't a dependent module.

0.01 2014-02-28T08:55:56Z

    - original version