Thank you for considering contributing to this distribution. This file contains instructions that will help you work with the source code.

Please note that if you have any questions or difficulties, you can reach the maintainer through the issue tracker (preferred), or by emailing the releaser directly. You are not strictly required to follow any of the steps in this document to submit a patch or bug report; these are recommendations, intended to help you (and help us help you faster).

Please also note that this plugin is for use with Dancer 1 which has been superseded by Dancer 2, so it's possible that not all contributions can be accepted.

Getting the code


Releases are prepared on the release branch, which is also the default Git branch. However, development takes place on the master branch, hence patches should be based upon it. Thus, after cloning the repository, one should check out the master branch:

$ git checkout master

Note that when you submit your pull request, you will need to ensure that GitHub isn't comparing your branch to the release branch (which will do so by default), however is comparing with the master branch, upon which you will have based your patch.

Installing the base dependencies

To install the dependencies, use cpanm:

$ cpanm --installdeps .

Note that an upstream development dependency requires at least Perl 5.22, hence you need to be using at least this version. If you haven't done so already, consider using perlbrew.

Running the basic test suite

Assuming that installing the dependencies went well, running the test suite should then be as simple as

$ prove -lr t

Installing all development dependencies

The distribution is managed with Dist::Zilla, hence you will need to install it before you can install the development dependencies:

$ cpanm Dist::Zilla

Afterwards, you can install the author-specific dependencies like so:

$ dzil authordeps --missing | cpanm

There are also additional dependencies necessary for testing and other development. Install these with

$ dzil listdeps --author --missing | cpanm

Running the full test suite

Now that all required dependencies have been installed, running the full test suite should be as simple as:

$ dzil test --author --release


All pull requests for this distribution will be automatically tested by Travis and the build status will be reported on the pull request page. If your build fails, please take a look at the output.

Contributor Names

If you send a patch or pull request, your name and email address will be included in the documentation as a contributor (using the attribution on the commit or patch), unless you specifically request for it not to be. If you wish to be listed under a different name or address, you should submit a pull request to the .mailmap file to contain the correct mapping. Check here for more information on git's .mailmap files.

This document is based upon maxmind's distribution CONTRIBUTING documentation.