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Release instructions for dual-life ExtUtils::CBuilder

1. Check out a tag/commit corresponding to the release point.  This
should generally be a Perl release (dev or stable).  Make sure
your working tree is clear of extraneous files. E.g.

    $ git checkout v5.15.8
    $ git clean -dxf

2. Rsync the ExtUtils-CBuilder directory to a temporary directory for
release.  E.g.

    $ rsync -av --delete dist/ExtUtils-CBuilder /tmp

3. Change to the temp directory

    $ cd /tmp/ExtUtils-CBuilder

4. Look at the Changes file.  If it was not kept up to date in blead,
take a minute to feel sad, then update it.  Remember to copy the
changes back to blead later.

5. Configure and then make a MANIFEST

    $ perl Makefile.PL
    $ make manifest

6. Build a release directory and examine its contents, paying particular
attention to the MANIFEST and the META files

    $ make distdir

7. Test the release directory

    $ make disttest

8. If all looks good, create a tarball and upload it to CPAN (maybe
install CPAN::Uploader or an equivalent tool)

    $ make dist
    $ cpan_upload ExtUtils-CBuilder-X.YYYZZZ.tar.gz

9. Update Porting/ in the Perl repo with the new tarball
name for ExtUtils-CBuilder.

10. If you updated Changes, copy that back to blead now

11. Commit any changes to blead (or submit it as a patch if you don't have a
commit bit)