2004/10/24 11:55 (-0400) rwmcfa1

	* MANIFEST.SKIP: updates

	* perl-Gnome2-Canvas.spec.in: new scheme that addresses x86_64 problems
	found by Carl Nygard

2004/08/15 22:11 (-0400) muppetman

	* Canvas.pm, NEWS, README: stable bugfix release 1.002

2004/08/15 22:07 (-0400) muppetman

	* t/GnomeCanvas.t, t/GnomeCanvasItem.t, xs/GnomeCanvas.xs,
	xs/GnomeCanvasItem.xs: fix the unusably broken bindings for
	Gnome2::Canvas::w2c_affine(), Gnome2::Canvas::Item::i2w_affine(),
	and Gnome2::Canvas::Item::i2c_affine().  we retain compatibility
	with the broken signature, and include tests for both broken and

2004/08/15 22:01 (-0400) muppetman

	* xs/GnomeCanvasUtil.xs: minor doc updates.

2004/08/15 19:37 (-0400) muppetman

	* xs/GnomeCanvasUtil.xs: fixed mysterious failure on darwin of
	polygon_to_point(); was passing the wrong length value to the C
	function.  don't know how it worked in the first place.

2004/08/13 22:33 (-0400) muppetman

	* Canvas.pm: don't set dl_load_flags on darwin.

2004/08/13 22:22 (-0400) muppetman

	* xs/GnomeCanvasItem.xs: apidoc fixes

2004/08/13 07:49 (-0400) muppetman

	* xs/GnomeCanvas.xs: force generation of docs for
	Gnome2::Canvas::Text, which has properties but no methods.

2004/06/06 11:52 (-0400) muppetman

	* Canvas.pm, NEWS, README: stable release 1.001

2004/06/02 15:53 (-0400) muppetman

	* xs/GnomeCanvas.xs: fix the broken example in the synopsis.

2004/05/17 18:15 (+0200) kaffeetisch

	* t/GnomeCanvasPathDef.t: Skip the open_parts and closed_parts
	tests to pass when working with 2.0.x.

2004/05/06 21:11 (-0400) muppetman

	* xs/GnomeCanvas.xs: unused var

2004/03/29 12:04 (-0500) muppetman

	* Canvas.pm, README, NEWS: stable release 1.0

	* Makefile.PL: require stable Glib and Gtk2.

	* Canvas.pm: add import version checking, so we don't later wish
	we'd added it now.

2004/03/20 23:27 (-0500) muppetman

	* canvas_demo/canvas-arrowhead.pl, canvas_demo/canvas-curve.pl,
	canvas_demo/canvas-features.pl, canvas_demo/canvas-fifteen.pl,
	canvas_demo/canvas-primitives.pl, canvas_demo/canvas-rich-text.pl:
	use Glib's TRUE and FALSE constants instead of defining our own.

2004/03/18 14:26 (-0500) muppetman

	* Makefile.PL, README: patch from Torsten corrects the EU::PkgConfig
	version requirements.

2004/03/16 13:58 (-0500) muppetman

	* Canvas.pm, NEWS, README: beta release 0.93

	* Makefile.PL: require ExtUtils::PkgConfig 1.03 and Glib 1.039

2004/03/16 13:58 (-0500) muppetman

	* xs/GnomeCanvas.xs: flesh out the pod for GET_VERSION_INFO.

2004/03/16 01:05 (-0500) muppetman

	* Makefile.PL, xs/GnomeCanvas.xs, gnomecanvasperl.h: modified patch
	from emmanuele adds GET_VERSION and CHECK_VERSION, and the required
	Makefile.PL magic to get that information.  Refactor the Makefile.PL
	code a bit, too.

2004/03/07 00:40 (-0500) muppetman

	* Makefile.PL: check the version of ExtUtils::Depends.

2004/03/07 00:35 (-0500) muppetman

	* Canvas.pm, xs/GnomeCanvas.xs: move pod from Canvas.pm to
	xs/GnomeCanvas.xs, and beef it up.  use the description text from
	libgnomecanvas' gtk-doc.  assume the reader doesn't care that this
	is a binding and just wants to know about the perl object.

2004/02/26 17:37 (-0500) muppetman

	* README: fix the spelling of license; update the sandbox instructions.

2004/02/12 19:00 (-0500) muppetman

	* Canvas.pm, Makefile.PL, README, NEWS: unstable release 0.92

2004/02/10 01:43 (-0500) muppetman

	* xs/GnomeCanvasItem.xs, xs/GnomeCanvasPathDef.xs,
	xs/GnomeCanvasUtil.xs: pod updates

2004/01/29 19:22 (-0500) rwmcfa1

	* Canvas.pm, README: beta release 0.91

	* NEWS: initial import


2004/01/25 23:13 (-0500) muppetman

	* gnomecanvasperl.h, maps: rearrange the boxed type support for
	GnomeCanvasPathDef.  it's now defined in the maps file like the rest,
	and the definition in gnomecanvasperl.h can be easily avoided if/when
	libgnomecanvas provides the appropriate boxed type support.

	* xs/GnomeCanvasPathDef.xs: change boxed type support to use ref
	instead of duplicate for copy.  add \$pathdef->copy, with doc that
	reminds people it's not the same as Glib::Boxed::copy.

2004/01/24 21:44 (-0500) rwmcfa1

	* Makefile.PL: removed runtime_reqs stuff, replaced by the pkg-config 
	* perl-Gnome2-Canvas.spec.in: use pkg-config for Requires version

2004/01/12 22:48 (-0500) muppetman

	* Canvas.pm: updated docs.

	* xs/GnomeCanvas.xs: doc fixes.  re-order some xsubs to have better
	doc ordering.  hide pixels_per_unit from docs; prefer get_pixels_per
	unit since there's a set_pixels_per_unit.  adjust ALIASed xsubs to
	avoid having an extra unused name in the symbol table.

	* xs/GnomeCanvasItem.xs: mangle ALIAS ordering to remove invalid
	entries from the symbol table.

2004/01/12 18:34 (-0500) muppetman

	* canvas_demo/canvas-curve.pl, canvas_demo/canvas-arrowhead.pl,
	canvas_demo/canvas-primitives.pl: use operators rather than grep
	on flags values, and other sundry cleanup.

	* canvas_demo/canvas-fifteen.pl, canvas_demo/canvas.pl:
	port canvas-fifteen to perl at long last

2004/01/08 23:48 (-0500) muppetman

	* Canvas.pm, README: beta release 0.90
	* Makefile.PL, README: require Glib-1.020, since we require
	MakeHelper and lots of doc stuff.

	* Makefile.PL: supply the DATE replacement if using a Glib whose
	MakeHelper doesn't actually perform that sub.  (it was added after
	1.020 was released.)

2003/12/29 22:52 (+0100) kaffeetisch

	* t/GnomeCanvasPathDef.t: Don't loop over the return values of
	split, open_parts and closed_parts but only look at the first
	returned list element.  This makes the test independent from
	implementation details.

2003/12/29 16:32 (-0500) rwmcfa1

	* perl-Gnome2-Canvas.spec.in: use the new DATE replacement in 
	conjunction with VERSION to create the changlog on the fly, which is 

2003/12/23 00:00 (-0500) muppetman

	* xs/GnomeCanvas.xs, xs/GnomeCanvasItem.xs: hush warnings about
	uninitialized and unused parameters.

2003/12/17 10:58 (-0500) muppetman

	* t/GnomeCanvasPathDef.t: patch from kaffee hushes some warnings
	on FreeBSD.

	* t/GnomeCanvasItem.t: added commentary about how we can't do anything
	about warnings from get_bounds() on shapes on libgnomecanvas 2.0.x.

2003/12/07 13:47 (+0100) kaffeetisch

	A t/GnomeCanvas.t
	A t/GnomeCanvasItem.t
	A t/GnomeCanvasPathDef.t
	* MANIFEST: Add a test suite.

	* t/GnomeCanvas.t
	* xs/GnomeCanvasUtil.xs: Implement and test

2003/12/05 16:04 (-0500) muppetman

	* Canvas.pm, Makefile.PL: can't get ABSTRACT without head name,
	so put it into the WriteMakefile call.

	* xs/GnomeCanvas.xs, xs/GnomeCanvasUtil.xs: okay, Canvas_methods
	is *really* gone now.

2003/12/05 15:51 (-0500) muppetman

	* xs/GnomeCanvasPathDef.xs: another update from kaffee -- don't leak
	the return values of pathdef functions.

	* Makefile.PL, Canvas.pm, xs/GnomeCanvas.xs: some hacks to the pod
	generation for the Gnome2::Canvas manpage, in an attempt to get rid
	of the horrible Gnome2::Canvas_methods.  this merges the pod from 
	the pm file into the pod generated from the xs file; the output is...
	well, functional.

2003/12/05 00:14 (-0500) muppetman

	stuff from kaffee, who is working on a test suite.

	A xs/GnomeCanvasShape.xs
	* MANIFEST: added new file for GnomeCanvasShape's functions

	* canvas.typemap: typemap for const GnomeCanvasPathDef*

	* xs/GnomeCanvas.xs: remove =for object Gnome2::Canvas::Shape, it has
	its own xs file.  fix b0rken call signature for $canvas->get_color,
	which was requiring a returned parameter.

	* xs/GnomeCanvasItem.xs: use actual typemaps for some enum/flags types
	instead of plain integers.

	* xs/GnomeCanvasPathDef.xs: implement a bunch of missing pathdef methods.

	* xs/GnomeCanvasRichText.xs: don't leak.

2003/11/13 23:58 (-0500) muppetman

	* Makefile.PL, README, Canvas.pm: bump version to 0.34.
	require Glib 1.01, but only Gtk2 1.00 -- we only need the docgen
	stuff from Glib, and nothing new from Gtk2.

2003/11/11 00:36 (-0500) muppetman

	* MANIFEST, debian/*: remove the debian packaging files, since having
	them in the upstream dist makes it difficult for the maintainers

	* Canvas.pm: add pointer to generated docs

2003/11/06 16:54 (-0500) muppetman

	* xs/GnomeCanvas.xs: accessors for pixels_per_unit

2003/11/06 11:37 (-0500) muppetman

	* xs/GnomeCanvas.xs: route GnomeCanvas's log domains through perl's
	warn() and croak()

	* xs/GnomeCanvasItem.xs, xs/GnomeCanvasPathDef.xs,
	xs/GnomeCanvasUtil.xs: remove type on class params so that the doc
	shows them correctly (and so that the bindings don't waste cycles
	on unused params)

2003/11/02 14:17 muppetman

	* Makefile.PL: remove the stupid atleast version checks -- Glib and
	Gtk2 have been corrected.

2003/10/29 02:00 muppetman

	* Canvas.pm: bump version for next devel series.

	* Makefile.PL: use the latest CVS Glib and Gtk2 features -- atleast
	version checks, MakeHelper, doc generation, etc.

	* xs/GnomeCanvas.xs: doc comments

2003/09/21 20:19 rwmcfa1

	* Makefile.PL: fixed bug in specfile generation

2003/09/21 19:42 muppetman

	* Makefile.PL perl-Gnome2-Canvas.spec.in: there was some disagreement
	about the actual substitution symbols...

2003/09/21 19:36 muppetman

	* Canvas.pm META.yml Makefile.PL README debian/changelog debian/control:
	updated for 0.32 release

2003/09/17 10:44 rwmcfa1

	* Makefile.PL: ExtUtils::PkgConfig can now deal with version 
	requirements using pkg-config's interface, make use of it.

2003/09/16 23:50 rwmcfa1

	* Makefile.PL, perl-*spec.in: somewhat automated versioning system 
	implemented for depenancy modules

2003/09/15 22:26 rwmcfa1

	* Makefile.PL: spec file dependancies improved

2003/09/06 19:23 rwmcfa1

	* Makefile.PL: dist-rpms build target added

	* perl-Gnome2-Canvas.spec.in: initial import

2003/09/02 21:08 muppetman

	* Canvas.pm, README, META.yml, debian/changelog: prep for 0.30 release.
	flesh out the pod a bit.
	* canvas.typemap: use T_GPERL_GENERIC_WRAPPER
	* Makefile.PL: require Glib 0.97 (because of the new typemap stuff);
	update the build to do prereqs properly
	* TODO, MANIFEST: updated 
	* canvas_demo/canvas-primitives.pl, xs/GnomeCanvasPathDef.xs:
	* xs/GnomeCanvas.xs: consolidate the constructors into one aliased xsub

2003/08/19 21:11 rwmcfa1

	* Makefile.PL: added realclean removal of build dir to postamble 

2003/08/18 12:34 muppetman

	* debian/*: patch from james curbo adds debian packaging stuff

2003/07/18 13:00 muppetman

	* Canvas.pm, Makefile.PL, README: bump version information for 0.28

2003/07/07 23:06 muppetman

	* Makefile.PL: use new args of Gtk2::CodeGen->write_boot to avoid
	boot problems

2003/07/05 00:42 muppetman

	* xs/GnomeCanvasBpath.xs, canvas_demo/canvas-curve.pl,
	xs/GnomeCanvas.xs, xs/GnomeCanvasPathDef.xs: hackish workaround
	for bug in libgnomecanvas

	* Canvas.pm: bump version to 0.26 for release

2003/06/27 17:00 muppetman

	* Makefile.PL, canvas_demo/canvas_arrowhead.pl,
	canvas_demo/canvas-features.pl:  require latest Gtk2 and Glib,
	which treat objects as hashes.

	* canvas_demo/canvas-curve.pl: mark known crash.

2003/06/20 12:00 muppetman

	* Canvas.pm Makefile.PL README: bump version info and prepare for
	0.24 release

	* gnomecanvasperl.h: one-time-include stuff used the wrong name,
	would prevent inclusion of gnome2perl.h (copy and paste bug - bad
	muppet, no biscuit)

2003/06/19 17:11 pcg

	* t/01.t: make it actually work.

2003/06/16 13:46 muppetman

	* xs/GnomeCanvasUtil.xs, canvas_demo/canvas-primitives.pl,
	canvas_demo/canvas-arrowhead.pl: use a GPerlBoxedWrapperClass override
	to allow GnomeCanvasPoints to be implemented as simple perl array

	* Makefile.PL, MANIFEST: make sure we're ready to go out

2003/06/04 23:45 muppetman

	cleanup, making it ready to share with other people

	* canvas_demo/canvas-curve.pl

2003/06/03 13:42 muppetman

	* canvas_demo/canvas-rich-text.pl

2003/06/02 12:00 muppetman

	started from a copy of the Gnome2-Perl module.