# $Id$

need examples

these haven't been done yet (going from the reference doc indices):

libbonobo, libbonoboui:
	not touched.  should it go in a separate module?  (still in this
	namespace, but...)

	gnome-exec (perl offers the same features natively)
	gnome-triggers (failed to implement this one)

	GnomeThemeFile (no GObject, so I'll wait till someone begs for it)

	needed for writing nautilus components in perl, but requires binding
	for libbonobo/libbonobo-ui

	this is the library that renders SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) images;
	since it will be more and more needed, should go in too (even if not in
	the Gnome2::* namespace?)

Also, libgstreamer should be wrapped, as soon as it's considered stable.
	(Brett Kosinki has been working on this for several months)