0.005		2021-09-11	T. R. Wyant
    Correct generation of 'provides' metadata.  Thanks to Favio Poletti
    for blogging
    and ultimately to Joel Berger for the pointer to

0.004		2021-03-28	T. R. Wyant
    Get prerequisites up to snuff, and add xt/author/prereq.t to ensure
    they stay that way.

    Add rt.cpan.org back to bug reporting methods. Long live RT!

0.003		2021-01-15	T. R. Wyant
    Add Travis CI testing.

    Use GitHub as bug tracker. R.I.P. rt.cpan.org.

0.002		2020-10-16	T. R. Wyant
    Fix metadata errors in repository and issue URLs. No change in

0.001		2020-03-01	T. R. Wyant
    First production release to CPAN.