package Helm::Task::rsync_put;
use strict;
use warnings;
use Moose;
use Net::OpenSSH;

extends 'Helm::Task';

sub validate {
    my $self          = shift;
    my $helm          = $self->helm;
    my $extra_options = $helm->extra_options;

    # make sure we have local and remote options and that the local file exists and is readable
    my $local = $extra_options->{local};
    $helm->die('Missing option: local')  unless $local;
    $helm->die('Missing option: remote') unless $extra_options->{remote};
    $helm->die("Invalid option: local - Directory \"$local\" does not exist") unless -d $local;

sub help {
    my $self = shift;
    return <<END;
Sync a local directory to a remote server(s) using rysnc. Takes the
following required options:

      The name of the local directory being synced.

      The full path to the directory on the remote server.

sub execute {
    my ($self, %args) = @_;
    my $server  = $args{server};
    my $ssh     = $args{ssh};
    my $options = $self->helm->extra_options;
    my $local   = $options->{local};
    my $remote  = $options->{remote};

    # send our file over there
    $ssh->rsync_put({archive => 1}, $local, $remote)
      || $helm->die("Can't rsync directory ($local) to server $server: " . $ssh->error);
    $helm->log->info("Directory $local rsync'ed to $server:$remote");