0.530 2021-05-24
  - introducing File::LsColor::slack_code_to_ls_code.
    Given a 'slack name', returns the short form of the ls code.

0.520 2021-04-27
  - introducing $File::LsColor::IGNORE_CASE variable. If set, case is ignored
    for file extensions.

0.506 2019-04-15
  - No functional changes.
  - add meta 'provides' field for kwalitee.

0.504 2019-04-08
  - bin/ls_color now properly splits a line and adds back the input field
    separator. Added some advanced examples to the docs.

0.501 2019-04-04
  - bin/ls_color now accepts a --key option similar to sort(1). The input field
    separator can be set as well. Useful to colorize filenames that can be
    aligned in columns other than the first; see examples section.

0.500 2019-03-24
  - Fix character device indicator to be cd, not ca

0.499 2019-03-22
  - introducing $File::LsColor::NO_STAT variable. If set, no stat() will be
    made. This can be desired if the filenames aren't real files, or for
    performance reasons.

0.498 2019-03-17
  - fix bug in can_ls_color() that made the function return undef when it

0.495  2019-03-11
  - if LS_COLORS env var is unset, use the default gnu specification from

0.492  2019-03-09
  - properly support dircolors keys with a wildcard and no extension, for
    example *MANIFEST, *README
  - can_ls_color() can now accept whitespace padded queries as well as both a
    naked extension and a full filname, e.g perl_is_best.pm
  - now properly support the following file attributes:
      * symlink
      * executable
      * directories
      * sockets
      * named pipes
      * block devices
      * character special files

    keep in mind that since a stat() needs to take place, this will only work
    with resolvable paths to real files.
  - the GNU default dircolors have been updated.