Revision changes for Net::CascadeCopy


  - handle error condition where no available servers in group

  - report number of failed processes on completion


  - use Mouse instead of inside-out objects
    - some setters changed to required constructor arguments

  - preserve server insertion sort order

  - update to use latest version of Dist::Zilla


  - resolve a bug where source server is reused too many times
    - created a new method get_transfer_map for more introspection into transfer loop
    - thanks to mikegrb for the excellent bug report!

  - use Test::Differences in test cases

  - added test coverage report

  - added a roadmap

  - resolve multiple issues with transfers from 'localhost'
    - prevent failed transfers from 'localhost' from going into a loop, thanks to twelch!
    - prevent issues with hosts sorted after localhost, introduced in 0.2.0
  - tweaks for using Dist::Zilla


  - added some unit test cases for successful transfers
  - modified some methods to make automated testing easier
  - replaced _has_*_server() methods with _get_*_servers()
  - resolved a bug with re-scheduling an available server too many times
  - better handling of -help and usage info
  - moved source to github and released using Dist::Zilla
  - still some really ugly code in this release, more updates coming