Revision history for perl module Protocol::WebSocket

0.26 2019-03-09T09:35:15Z

 - Introduce MAX_FRAGMENTS_AMOUNT to change the allowable amount of fragments (Daniel Kamil Kozar)
 - Update draft-ietf-hybi-00 tests to include the error text in response line (Daniel Kamil Kozar)

0.25 2019-03-09T09:31:45Z

 - The "Wrong response line" error now includes the actual response line (Max Maischein)

0.24 2018-01-13T09:59:07Z

 -  draft-ietf-hybi-17 uses origin header, not sec-websocket-origin (Eric Wastl)

0.23 2017-12-12T19:16:32Z

 - revert previous release

0.22 2017-12-08T17:24:15Z

 - reliable UTF-8 bahaviour (Paul "LeoNerd" Evans #GH-35, #GH-52)
 - document masked frame attribute

0.21 2017-09-04T17:06:56Z

 - MAX_PAYLOAD_SIZE global var
 - MAX_MESSAGE_SIZE global var

0.20 2016-11-04T18:21:37Z

 - RSV bit (Anton Petrusevich)
 - do not modify passed headers structure (Graham Ollis)
 - bypass max payload size (Graham Ollis)

0.19 2015-09-28T16:55:01Z

 - custom headers in request
 - fix wrong UTF-8 related documentation (#GH-13)

0.18 2014-09-01T14:45:16Z

 - Digest::SHA1 -> Digest::SHA (Michal Špaček)

0.17 2014-04-09T08:12:01Z

 - perl 5.8 unpack fix (Graham Ollis)
 - doc and test fixes (Michal Špaček)

0.16 2014-01-07T20:33:59Z

 - just meta files update

0.15 2013-11-03T15:54:47Z

 - Explicitly stringify $payload in _mask() method (Toshio Ito)

0.14 2013-10-14T08:50:38Z

 - Fix Changes file (Neil Bowers)
 - Fix distribution (reported by Géraud CONTINSOUZAS)

0.13 2013-10-13T17:17:03Z

 - Implemented set cookies for requests (Joao Orui)

 The following changes made by Toshio Ito (debug-ito):
 - Add test in which Frame class generates and parses a series of fragments.
 - Add test for destructiveness of append() method.
 - Documentation: add remarks about destructiveness of append() method.
   Sometimes it's useful, the other times it's confusing.
 - Add documentation of "version" field in new() method.
 - Add documentation of "masked" field in new() method.
 - Remove fin() accessor from documentation and test. If a message is
   fragmented, the return value of fin() is meaningless anyway. Plus, probably
   current implementation does not handle fin flags if control frames are
   injected in non-control fragments. If we want fin() accessor, the test for
   that case is necessary.
 - Add documentation about "opcode" field in new() method and opcode() accessor
   method. tests are also added.
 - Add is_continuation() method.
 - Now "type" field for new() is immediately resolved to opcode, so that
   new(type => $type) and is_{type} methods are now consistent. This fixes
   github issue vti/protocol-websocket#19 ($frame->{type} field is preserved for
   backward-compatibility, but direct assignment $frame->{type} = "close"
   followed by $frame->to_bytes() will not work anymore. However, direct
   assignment is considered rude anyway...)
 - Add "continuation" frame type. opcode() method is revised so that it can
   correctly return 0 if $frame->{opcode} == 0.
 - POD update: ATTRIBUTES - type section is moved under new() method. This is
   way more straightforward.
 - Document "fin" field in the constructor and fin() accessor. to_bytes() now
   encodes "fin" bit according to the fin field of the Frame object.

0.12 2012-10-24

 - Improved frame performance (Chuck Bredestege)
 - Check origin only if origin is present (Matthew Lien)

0.11 2012-08-28

 - Added wsconsole
 - Fixed default version in WebSocket Frame
 - Fixed default ports in WebSocket URL

0.10 2012-08-21

 - Fixed origin issue in hybi-17
 - Added query string in resource name (Atomer Ju)
 - Added possibility to write headers before receiving a nonce (HAProxy)
 - Updated examples

0.00906 2011-10-30

 - Support draft-ietf-hybi-17

0.00905 2011-10-03

 - Fixed Firefox 7 Connection issue (reported by Rajstennaj Barrabas)
 - Fixed random mask generation
 - Fixed 64bit detection

0.00904 2011-08-15

 - Fixed failing tests on perl-5.8.9

0.00903 2011-08-08

 - Support for draft-ietf-hybi-10 WebSocket protocol version

0.00902 2011-05-12

 - API CHANGE: Frame's to_string now returns a Perl string,
   use to_bytes to get a UTF-8 encoded octets
 - Automatically decode when building frame from a Perl string
 - Pay attention to SCRIPT_NAME in PSGI
 - If an origin was passed in, don't change it (Jon Gentle)

0.00901 2011-03-15

 - Added X-Forwarded-Proto header support
 - Fixed SSL
 - Fixed POD
 - Separated unit tests from author tests

0.00900 2011-03-08

 - Added Nginx::Engine example
 - Added possibility to read directly from IO::Handle
 - Added PSGI support

0.0004 2010-11-30

 - Fixed message parsing
 - Fixed port
 - Refactored tests

0.0003 2010-11-28

 - Added examples
 - Added subprotocol parsing and improved tests
 - Fixed handshake parsing and error passing
 - Improved docs
 - Improved tests
 - Made parser more relax
 - Made poll example more robust

0.0002 2010-11-26

 - Initial release