Revision history for with

0.03    2017-07-23 21:30 UTC
        With this release, this module is formally deprecated. Don't expect any
        new release.
        + Doc : Document deprecation.
        + Fix : Deprecation warnings for \C.
        + Upd : Metadata overhaul.

0.02    2008-05-14 21:40 UTC
        + Doc : Added a few caveats.
        + Doc : POD quirks.
        + Fix : scripts/ wasn't printing all the functions it found, so
                all those core functions were not listed (and hence handled) :
                  chomp dbmopen endprotoent flock gethostbyaddr getnetent
                  getprotobynumber getservbyport index local my printf recv
                  rmdir sethostent setsockopt socketpair symlink tied untie
        + Fix : Missing 'cmp' operator in the exclude list.
        + Fix : A wrapped core function call wrongly resulted into a method call
                when repeated at least two times.

0.01    2008-05-08 22:35 UTC
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.