Pandoc::Filter::Multifilter - apply filters from metadata field multifilter


This filter is provided as system-wide executable multifilter, see there for additional documentation.



Create a new multifilter.

apply( $doc [, $format [, $metadata ] ] )

Apply all filters specified in document metadata field metafilters.


find_filter( $name [, $DATADIR ] )

Find a filter by its name in $DATADIR/filters, where $DATADIR is the user data directory (".pandoc" in ~ or %appdata%\pandoc), and in $PATH. Returns a list of command line arguments to execute the filter or throw an exception.

apply_filter( $doc, $format, @filter )

Apply a filter, given by its command line arguments, to a Pandoc Document element and return a transformed Document or throw an exception on error. Can be called like this:

  apply_filter( $doc, $format, find_filter( $name ) );