1.98                                                          Jul 08, 2008

 * Precedence bug in Public::write() and Private::write()
   Thanks to HRAFNKELL for reporting this!

1.96                                                          Jul 06, 2008

 * Set the version numbers in modules to $Crypt::RSA::Version::VERSIOn 

1.95                                                          Jul 06, 2008

 * Remove STDERR error output in Crypt::RSA::SS::PSS.

 * Allow symmetric cipher specification in Crypt::RSA::Key.

 * Fix bug in AUTOLOAD. 

 * Use Module::Install instead of ExtUtils::MakeMaker

 * Consolidate versioning to module version in Crypt::RSA::Version 
   (which is the reason for the version # jump)

 * "use base" instead of @ISA 

 * "use FindBin" instead of the literal "lib" - this is safer.

1.58                                                          Dec 21, 2006

 * We turn on binmode() on filehandles when reading and writing
   keys from disk, so allow safe exchange of SSH private keys
   from Windows and *nix systems. Thanks to Ulisses Gomes
   <> for pointing this out.

 * Include a copy of the GPL in the distribution. This addresses
   bug #18771. (

 * Removed warnings from t/15-benchmark.t

1.57                                                          Oct 20, 2005

 * Updated POD documentation and added POD syntax and coverage
   tests using Test::Pod and Pod::Coverage.

1.56                                                         July 05, 2005

 * Removed references to the mailing list and added support for
   an optional commercial license.

1.55                                                     February 18, 2005

 * Fixed a bug ::DataFormat::i2osp(), wherein there was an encoding problem 
   when the most significant byte is 0x0100. Reported and patched by 
   <> < Bug #11495>

 * Fixed warnings in t/15-benchmark.t

1.51                                                     February 25, 2003

 * In Crypt::RSA::encrypt() and decrypt() added a check to ensure the
   blocksize is greater than 0. Blocksize can be smaller than 0 if the RSA
   key modulus is too small for a particular encoding.

1.50                                                      January 08, 2003

  * In ::Key::generate() calls to ::Key::Private::write() and
    ::Key::Public::write() have been fixed.  Thanks to 
    Lars Rehe <> for pointing out this bug.

  * Removed all /home/vipul/PERL/crypt* from @INC from all modules.

  * Fixed version numbers on a few modules, so CPAN correctly reports the
    newer modules.
  * Fixed some documentation typos.

1.48                                                    September 25, 2001

  * POD documentation for ::Key::[Private|Public].

1.47                                                         June 22, 2001

  * ::ES::*::decrypt() won't raise an error when cyphertext is an empty
    string. Thanks to Roman Semenov for pointing out the bug.

  * Field names Plaintext & Message and Cyphertext & Ciphertext can now be
    used interchangeably everywhere.

1.46                                                         June 18, 2001

  * encrypt()/decrypt() routines everywhere do a key check before calling
    octet_len() and die gracefully when passed a bad key. Thanks to
    Nicolas Huillard for pointing out the bugs.

1.45                                                         June 11, 2001

  * Small fixes in ::Key::Private/Pubic and ::Key::Private pod.  Thanks 
    to Eric Kolve for pointing out the bugs.

1.44                                                          May 31, 2001

  * Dirty hack to shut off warnings in t/15-benchmark.t

1.43                                                          May 25, 2001

  * Specified the correct version number of Class::Loader in PREREQ_PM
    hash of Makefile.PL.

  * ::Key loads ::Key::Private and ::Key::Public by default.

1.42                                                          May 24, 2001
  * Speed optimizations throughout. 

  * Documented Crypt::RSA and Crypt::RSA::Key.

  * ::Key::Private::read() will call reveal() if the password is provided
    at construction. 

  * Added support for unencrypted keys to ::Key::Private.

  * ::Key::Private does not convert pari2pv at every STORE().
    Tie::EncryptedHash is created explicitely at hide().
  * Put together ::Key::Private::SSH from Benjamin Trott's patches and
    wrote ::Key::Public::SSH. ::Key::Private::SSH's CBC encryption is 
    not compatible with SSH yet.

  * Documented the Crypt::RSA error handling mechanism in

  * Encryption schemes, signature schemes and post processors are now
    loaded at runtime in Crypt::RSA. Suitable values for these can be
    specified at object construction. Primary reason for this is to
    interface with modules not included in the Crypt::RSA bundle.

  * Wrote ::Key::Private::check() and ::Key::Public::check(). Key checks
    happen automagically in ::Primitives.

  * ::Key::generate() computes dp, dq, u (parameters required for
    decrypting with CRT) and stores them in the private key.

  * Fixed another bug in ::ES::PKCS1v15, where a greedy regex was slurping
    up part of the plaintext when plaintext had a null character.

1.37                                                        April 17, 2001

  * Moved ::DataFormat::generate_random_octet() to Crypt::Random where it
    is implemented more efficiently. Modified t/03-random-octet.t to use
    Crypt::Random. (Crypt::RSA now needs Crypt::Random 1.34+).

  * Fixed a bug in ::ES::PKCS1v15 caused by inclusion of null characters
    in the padding string. Null chars are used as delimiters in PKCS #1
    v1.5 encoding. Thanks to Ganèche <> 
    for reporting this bug.

1.36                                                        April 10, 2001 

  * Modified Crypt::RSA::encrypt() to return an error when the keysize is
    too small for use with the selected scheme.

  * Modified Crypt::RSA ::ES::* and ::SS::* to work with keysizes 
    that are not multiples of 8.

  * Wrote ::DataFormat::octet_len() to computes the octet length of
    an integer.

  * Wrote exportable ::Debug::debuglevel(). Use debuglevel(1) to turn on

1.34                                                        April 7, 2001 

  * Wrote crypt-rsa-interoperablity.pod that contains the structure for a
    Crypt::RSA interoperability chart. Added an entry for RSAREF 2.0
    signatures and encryption

  * Support for decryption using the Chinese Remainder Threorum
    in ::Primitives::decrypt(). Patch by Benjamin Trott

  * Identity is now kept unencrypted in ::Key::Private objects

1.33                                                        April 6, 2001

 * Wrote ::SS:PKCS1v15 (that implements PKCS #1 v1.5 signatures) and a test
   for it (t/14-es-pkcs1v15.t)

 * Renamed ::ES::PKCS1_v1_5 to ::ES::PKCS1v15. The underscores were
   driving me nuts

 * Wrote ::DataFormat::h2osp() - Hex to Octet String Primitive, that
   converts hex strings/numbers of arbitrary length into octet strings

 * Couple of small changes to ::Debug::debug()

1.32                                                        April 5, 2001

 * Wrote ::ES::PKCS1_v1_5 that implements PKCS #1 v1.5 padded encryption,
   and a test for it (t/13-es-pkcs1v15.t)

1.31                                                        April 3, 2001

 * Renamed ::EME::* to ::ES::*. EME (Encoding Method for encryption) was a
   leftover from an earlier class framework. Renamed ::SSA::* to ::SS::*,
   since we might have Signature Schemes without Appendix under ::SS::*

 * Changed `P' (parameterization) in ::ES::OAEP to a null string.
   Strings encrypted with versions < 1.15 will not decrypt.

 * Added versioning support in ::ES::OAEP. Returns the old
   parameterization string for version < 1.15. So strings encrypted 
   with < 1.15 will decrypt!

 * Wrote t/12-versioning.t, with tests for versioning in ::ES::OAEP.

 * Added versioning support in ::SS::PSS.

 * Numerical parameters of ::Key::Public and ::Key::Private can be
   assigned perl strings, hex strings, or hex numbers.

1.30                                                        March 25, 2001 

 * Documented Crypt::RSA methods

 * Added ASCII armour support to Crypt::RSA::encrypt(), decrypt(), sign()
   and verify() using Convert::ASCII::Armour

 * Crypt::RSA will now work with any encryption/signing scheme as long as
   they provide the same method interface as Crypt::RSA::EME::OAEP and

 * Wrote ::EME::OAEP::version() and ::SSA::PSS::version(). The next
   release will include support for version specific operation in ::EME::*
   and ::PSS::*

 * Added and corrected documentation for ::EME::OAEP and ::SSA::PSS

1.25                                                        March 12, 2001

 * Wrote Crypt::RSA::sign() and Crypt::RSA::verify()

 * Added tests for sign and verify to t/11-wrapper.t

 * Bugfix in Crypt::RSA::EME::OAEP::hash() and mgf()
     $self was being fed to the digest

 * Bugfix in Crypt::RSA::SSA::PSS::hash() and mgf()

1.24                                                        March 11, 2001

 * Bug fix in Crypt::RSA::EME::OAEP::decode()
    newline in plaintext was causing decode() to return error

 * Wrote Crypt::RSA::encrypt() and Crypt:RSA::decrypt()

 * Wrote a test for Crypt::RSA (t/11-wrapper.t)