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=head2 C<Test::Version> adaptive strictness

C<Test::Version> is a great plugin. It creates a test which checks modules in distribution: every
module must have C<$VERSION> variable defined, and its value must be a valid version string.
There are two notion of "validity": I<lax> and I<strict>. (See L<version::Internals/"Regular
Expressions for Version Parsing"> for definitions of lax and strict).

I want to use strict check:

        is_strict = 1

Unfortunately, this does not work for trial releases: any trial release definitely fails the test,
because strict check does not allow underscore in version string. Thus, before every trial release
I have to reset C<is_strict> option to zero, and return it back to one after release. This is
boring and error-prone. I want to have "adaptive strictness": use lax check in case of trial
release and strict check otherwise.

C<Test::Version> maintainer Graham Ollis said: L<This is a good idea! I'll see if I can implement
it.|https://github.com/plicease/Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Test-Version/issues/5> However, implementation
may take some time. With a little help from C<Hook>, I can easily get achieve adaptive strictness
right now.