Revision history for Perl module Makefile::Update.

0.4	2018-01-07T18:46:46Z

  * Add support for updating variables in CMake files.

0.3	2015-10-03T22:12:51Z

  * [Makefile] Support lists of files with different extensions (e.g. .c/.cpp).
  * Allow defining variables in terms of other variables.
  * Added changelog.
  * Correct meta-information in the module description.

0.2	2014-12-28T03:12:34Z

  * Added support for updating makefiles and older MSVC++ project files.
  * Initial CPAN release.

0.1	2014-05-30T23:59:53Z

  * Implements updating MSBuild project files.
  * Initial release as part of wxWidgets project.