=head1 NAME

perl - Greple module for perl script


greple -Mperl [ options ]

=head1 SAMPLES

greple -Mperl option pattern
    --code      search from perl code outisde of pod document
    --pod       search from pod document
    --comment   search from comment part
    --data      search from data part
    --doc       search from pod and comment
    --allpart   search from all sections

greple --colordump file


Sample module for B<greple> command supporting perl script.


package App::Greple::perl;

use v5.14;
use warnings;
use Carp;
use App::Greple::Common;
use App::Greple::Regions;
use Data::Dumper;

use Exporter 'import';
our @EXPORT      = qw(part pod comment doc code);
our %EXPORT_TAGS = ( );
our @EXPORT_OK   = qw();

my $target = -1;
my %part;

my $pod_re = qr{^=\w+(?s:.*?)(?:\z|^=cut[ \t]*\n)}m;
my $comment_re = qr{^(?:[ \t]*#.*\n)+}m;
my $data_re = qr{^__DATA__\n(?s:.*)}m;
my $empty_re = qr{^(?:[ \t]*\n)+}m;

sub setup {
    return $target if $target == \$_;
    my @pod     = match_regions(pattern => $pod_re);
    my @comment = select_regions([ match_regions(pattern => $comment_re) ],
				 \@pod, REGION_OUTSIDE);
    my @data    = match_regions(pattern => $data_re);
    my @empty   = match_regions(pattern => $empty_re);
    my @doc     = merge_regions(@pod, @comment);
    my @noncode = merge_regions(@doc, @data, @empty);
    my @code    = reverse_regions(\@noncode, length);
    my @nondoc  = reverse_regions(\@doc, length);
    %part = (
	pod     => \@pod,
	comment => \@comment,
	doc     => \@doc,
	code    => \@code,
	data    => \@data,
	nondoc  => \@nondoc,
	noncode => \@noncode,
	empty   => \@empty,
    $target = \$_;

sub part {
    my %arg = @_;
    my $file = delete $arg{&FILELABEL} or die;
    setup and merge_regions do {
	map  { @{$part{$_}} }
	grep { exists $part{$_} }
	grep { $arg{$_} }
	keys %arg;



defopt :code    &part(code)
defopt :comment &part(comment)
defopt :pod     &part(pod)
defopt :data    &part(data)
defopt :doc     &part(doc)

option --code    --inside :code
option --comment --inside :comment
option --pod     --inside :pod
option --data    --inside :data
option --doc     --inside :doc
option --allpart --pod --comment --code --data

option	--cd \
	--le '&part(code)'    --cm=N \
	--le '&part(comment)' --cm=R \
	--le '&part(pod)'     --cm=G \
	--le '&part(data)'    --cm=B \
	--need 1

option	--colordump --cd --all