Revision history for Data-Microformat

0.04	Date?
			Fixed a problem with accidentally sucking CSS into the psychotic decoder.
				This problem was helpfully found, and a fix provided, by Simon
				Wistow L<>.

0.03	August 21, 2008
			Fixed one slight problem with "psychotic" encodings.
			Fixed a dependency problem causing build FAILing on some platforms.

0.02	August 19, 2008
			Added support for "psychotic" encodings, a la .
			Fixed nested vcards discarding their secondary class, as in
			Fixed issues hurting the Kwalitee of the distribution.
		New Features:
			Now using HTML::Element for dumping the hCards out, so we get nicer
				formatting and easier output, essentially for free (no extra
			Added to_text, to return a plaintext representation of an hCard.

0.01    August 11, 2008
        	First version, released on an unsuspecting world.