2018-09-30  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.29.

	* Socket6.xs: Updates the tests for handling the correct headers
	on NetBSD and DragonFly BSD.

	Submitted by:	Sevan Janiyan <venture37 [...] geeklan.co.uk>

2016-07-11  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.28.

	* aclocal.m4 (IPv6_CHECK_INET_NTOP): inet_ntop(3) may returns
	IPv4-compatible IPv6 address. [cpan #113950]

	Submitted by:	Andrew Galante <spock128 [...] gmail.com>

2016-03-23  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.27.

2016-03-22  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* t/use.t: We still supports an environment where AF_INET6 is not

2016-03-17  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.26.

	* Makefile.PL: Make Socket6 buildable on Android. [cpan #98181]

	Submitted by:	fraserbn [...] gmail.com

	* system inet_ntop broken in darwin. [cpan #113005]

	Submitted by:	RURBAN [...] cpan.org

2015-12-05  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* gailookup.pl.in: Add -r option to do reverse lookup.

2015-11-25  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* gailookup.pl.in: Add awareness of AI_ALL and AI_V4MAPPED.

	* gailookup.pl.in: Add -P option to ease to specify port number.

2013-12-09  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.25.

	* Makefile.PL: Install manpage. [cpan #66811]

	Submitted by:	gavin@openfusion.com.au

	* Socket6.pm: Fix typo. [cpan #86346]

	Submitted by:	dsteinbrunner@pobox.com

	* Socket6.pm: Fix typo. [cpan #71617]

2013-12-08  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.24.

	* Makefile.PL: Fixed [cpan #77665] pass perl cc and ccflags to

	Submitted by:	rurban@cpan.org

	* Makefile.PL (configure_mswin32): Fixed [cpan #65710]
	undefined ref to inet_ntop,inet_pton on Windows XP.

	Submitted by:	APOCAL@cpan.org

	* t/use.t: Fixed [cpan #75211] test redefinition warnings

	Submitted by:	Manoj Kumar <mkmetw@hotmail.com>

2008-11-02  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.23.

	* Makefile.PL (configure_mswin32): Added a conditional #define for
	HAVE_INET_(PTON|NTOP) to make the module.
	Change was necessary because the SDK for Vista now includes
	inet_(pton|ntop) in ws2tcpip.h

	Submitted by:	"David M. Town" <dtown@cpan.org>

	* Makefile.PL (configure_mswin32): Added a line to #define
	HAVE_SOCKLEN_T since it is defined for MSWin32

	Submitted by:	"David M. Town" <dtown@cpan.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Added @EXPORT_OK to export AF_INET6 and PF_INET6 if
	requested.  This allows the use of the Socke6 module without
	having to perform the same conditional check that was added to
	avoid conflicts with the Socket module default exports (i.e. use
	Socket6 qw(AF_INET6 inet_pton inet_ntop); )

	Submitted by:	"David M. Town" <dtown@cpan.org>

	* Socket6.pm (AUTOLOAD): Explicitly set $! = 0 before calling
	constant().  This should not be required since errno was being set
	to 0 in the C function, but Perl 5.10.0 Win32 Vista needed this to
	be done or all constants reported unsupported.

	Submitted by:	"David M. Town" <dtown@cpan.org>

2008-08-18  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Use strict environment.

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.22.

	* Socket6.pm: Make AF_INET6 check actually work.

	Submitted by:	Tatsuya Noda <topia@clovery.jp>

	* Makefile.PL: Make sure to include config.pl in current

2008-08-17  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.21.

	* Socket6.xs: Make it buildable on the following environment by
	defining WINVER as 0x0501:
		- Windows XP SP3
		- ActivePerl-
		- MinGW-5.1.4
		- nmake 9.00.21022.08 (shipped with VisualStudio 2008 Express)

	Submitted by:	"IWAMURO Motonori" <vmi@nifty.com>

2008-02-16  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.20.

	* Socket6.pm: Make the AF_INET6 and PF_INET6 exports optional.
	They are exported from Socket on 5.10.0, and it contlicts with

	PR:		http://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=32362
	Reported by:	"Shlomi Fish via RT" <bug-Socket6@rt.cpan.org>
	Submitted by:	"KONDOU, Kazuhiro" <kazuhiro@alib.jp>

2008-01-27  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.xs, Socket6.pm: Make getaddrinfo() return the string
	error or the numeric value according to the context.
	Make getnameinfo() return error value.
	Export the EAI_* error constants.

	Submitted by:	Paul LeoNerd Evans <leonerd@leonerd.org.uk>

	* Socket6.xs: FreeBSD 7 and later don't have KAME IPsec anymore.

	* Socket6.xs: gai_strerror() returns `const char *'.

2005-08-28  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.19.

	* Socket6.xs: the "sin6_scope_id" field of the "sockaddr_in6"
	structure is expected to passed and is returned in host byte

	Submitted by:	"Town, David" <David.Town@marconi.com>

2005-03-28  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.18.

	* getaddrinfo.c (getaddrinfo): Support for AI_NUMERICSERV.

	* aclocal.m4: use Autoconf 2.59.

2004-07-14  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Fix documentation of the gethostbyname2.  The
	gethostbyname2 function takes a FAMILY, not a SERVNAME.

		Reported by:	Bernard Massot <bernard@massot.ath.cx>

2004-03-24  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.17.

	* Socket6.xs: Shut up signed/unsigned mismatch warning from
	Microsoft C++.

		Reported by:	"David Town" <dtown@cpan.org>

	* Makefile.PL: CC is not a valid parameter for WriteMakefile().
	Use CONFIGURE instead.

		Submitted by:	"David Town" <dtown@cpan.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Correct typos (inaddr6_* -> in6addr_*).

		Submitted by:	"David Town" <dtown@cpan.org>

2004-03-23  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Provide substitutes for systems the lack support for inet_ntop()
	and inet_pton().

		Submitted by:	"David Town" <dtown@cpan.org>

	* Add support for MSWin32.  It was tested with the following

	  - ActivePerl 5.8.0 (805)
	  - Windows 2000
	  - Microsoft IPv6 Technology Preview for Windows 2000 (not needed
	    for XP)
	  - Microsoft Visual C++ v6.0
	  - Microsoft Platform SDK February 2003 (must have at least
	    August 2001)

		Submitted by:	"David Town" <dtown@cpan.org>

	* t/use.t: Pass an empty string as the SERVICENAME to
	getaddrinfo().  MSWin32's getaddrinfo() doesn't like "0" as a
	numeric servname.

		Submitted by:	"David Town" <dtown@cpan.org>

2004-02-21  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.16.

	* aclocal.m4: inet_ntop and inet_pton are in libnsl on Solaris.

	Submitted by:	Mike McCauley <mikem@open.com.au>

2004-01-05  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.14.

	* gailookup.pl.in: Though some systems has NI_WITHSCOPEID, RFC
	2553 doesn't mention it, and RFC 3493 deprecated it.  So, make use
	of NI_WITHSCOPEID optional.

	* gailookup.pl.in: Add -S option which suppress scopeid.  RFC 3493
	system always adds scopeid in a result of getnameinfo().

	* Socket6.xs: Make pack_sockaddr_in6() and pack_sockaddr_in6_all()
	actual work on systems which have sin6_len in struct sockaddr_in6.

2004-01-04  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* aclocal.m4: getaddrinfo() is a macro on some systems.

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.13.

	* getaddrinfo.c (getaddrinfo): EAI_NODATA was deprecated in RFC
	3493.  return EAI_NONAME instead.

	* getnameinfo.c (getnameinfo): add support for NI_NAMEREQD.

2003-12-29  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* add simple test.

2003-10-28  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Bump version number to 0.12.

	* Socket6.pm: Mention that getipnodeby*() was deprecated in

2001-09-20  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* getaddrinfo.c (getaddrinfo): Correct AI_PASSIVE parsing bug.

	Reported by:	Rob Siemborski <rjs3@andrew.cmu.edu>

2001-09-18  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.11.

	* getaddrinfo.c (getaddrinfo), gai.h: Add support of AI_NUMERICHOST.

	* getnameinfo.c (getnameinfo): Use socklen_t rather than size_t.

	* getnameinfo.c (getnameinfo): Fix buffer overflow problem.

2001-09-17  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm, Socket6.xs, config.h.in, configure.in: Add glue
	functions for getipnodeby*() and gai_strerror().

	* Socket6.xs: inet_pton() should work as it is.

	* Socket6.xs: Better documentation of inet_pton() and inet_ntop().

	* Socket6.pm: Description was filled.

	* Socket6.pm, Socket6.xs: Return an error message string if
	getaddrinfo() fails.

	Submitted by:   Jeff Okamoto <okamoto@best.com>

2001-03-27  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.10.

	* Socket6.xs: Make compilable under OpenBSD.  Though OpenBSD has
	KAME, OpenBSD doesn't have netinet6/ipsec.h.
	Reported by:	Tim Ayers <cpantest@quaday.com>

2001-03-21  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.09.

	* aclocal.m4 (IPv6_CHECK_FUNC): There is getaddrinfo(3) in
	libsocket under Solaris8.
	Reported by:	Tomohide Nagashima <tomohide@japan-telecom.co.jp>,
			TAKANO Yuji <takachan@running-dog.net>

2001-01-26  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm:
		- Fix typo in sample code.
		  Reported by:	Matsumura Naoki <mat@pfu.co.jp>
		- Bump version number to 0.08.

2000-05-28  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.07.

	* getaddrinfo.c (getaddrinfo):
		- Add support for AI_CANONNAME.
		- Our fake version of getaddrinfo() only support IPv4.

2000-05-27  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: More description.

		Submitted by:	Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <itojun@iijlab.net>

	* Socket6.xs (inet_ntop): Make inet_ntop() work with AF_INET.

		Submitted by:	Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <itojun@iijlab.net>

2000-05-01  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* gailookup.pl.in: Add -c and -s option.

2000-04-15  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Makefile.PL: Cosmetic.

2000-04-12  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* aclocal.m4: IPv6 related macros were improved.

	* configure.in: Use new macros.

2000-03-23  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* getaddrinfo.c (gai_strerror): Add message for EAI_SERVICE.

2000-03-20  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.06.

	* config.pl.in: config.pl did not return a true value at
	Makefile.PL line 41.

		Reported by:	Paul Schinder <schinder@pobox.com>

	* config.pl.in: Don't use @PERLPATH@ and @CFLAGS@ values returns
	from configure.

2000-03-18  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.05.

	* Makefile.in: Provide a Makefile.PL that runs configure, so that
	things can be done in the usual Perl way.

		Pointed out by: Paul Schinder <schinder@pobox.com>

2000-03-17  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6.pm: Bump version number to 0.04.  I changed convention
	of version number to n.nn.

2000-03-16  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* acconfig.h: Define HAVE_PL_SV_UNDEF rather than use of CFLAGS.

	* Makefile.in: Added.  Now, ExtUtils::MakeMaker generates

2000-03-14  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* configure.in: Use gcc if available.  Cannot compile with
	traditional cc on some Linuxes due to illegal `const' definition:

	        Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 (slink)  : glibc-2.0.7
		Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 (potato) : glibc-2.1.3

		Submitted by: Hideaki YOSHIFUJI <yoshfuji@ecei.tohoku.ac.jp>

	* gailookup.pl.in: Added.  Rule for finding Perl and --with-perl
	option was also added to configure.in.

		Submitted by: Hideaki YOSHIFUJI <yoshfuji@ecei.tohoku.ac.jp>

	* Socket6.xs: Add missing AI_NUMERICHOST.

	* Makefile.PL.in: Pass CFLAGS to C compiler.

	* configure.in: Separate functional blocks into aclocal.m4.

2000-03-10  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6-0.3 is out.

	* getaddrinfo.c (getaddrinfo): Avoid core dump when protocol is
	not found in /etc/protocols or service is not found in

	* configure.in: Add check rule for PL_sv_undef.  Somewhat old
	version of Perl5 uses sv_undef.

	* configure.in: Add check rules for sa_len and sin6_scope_id.
		Submitted by: Hideaki YOSHIFUJI <yoshfuji@ecei.tohoku.ac.jp>

	* acconfig.h: Added to be able to use autoheader.
		Submitted by: Hideaki YOSHIFUJI <yoshfuji@ecei.tohoku.ac.jp>

2000-03-09  Hajimu UMEMOTO  <ume@mahoroba.org>

	* Socket6-0.2 was released for evaluate.