Revision history for POE-Component-Client-SMTP
0.22  September 2009
    * Applied a patch from Sergey V. Beduev so that Timeout is set
      before creating the socket
    * Added a test for the patch above

0.21  February 2009
    * bug #39345 [Provide a consolidated error message]
      Reported by: David Golden
    * pococlsmtp was sending the error event to the caller
      multiple times per SMTP transaction if it had things in the
      queue to send to the server
      Reported by: I lost the email, please send me the mail again!
    * escaping single dot in the message body (slurped file or
      message body as provided by the user)
      Reported by: I lost the email, please send me the mail again!
    * bug #39290 Document that From and To must be bare email addresses
      documentation specifing the fact that To/From arguments
      need to hold bare email addresses not RFC2822 email address
      Reported by: David Golden
    * Fix the bug when sending file content and receiving a server

0.20	May 2008
    * Fixed NetBSD failed test

0.19	May 2008
    * Use POE::Filter::Transparent::SMTP for sending messages

0.18    Aug 2007
    * Generate a Makefile.PL also because of test failures generated by smokers
    that don't have Module::Build installed

0.17    May 2007
    * Added support for TransactionLog, logging the SMTP session and posting it
    back to the caller session

0.16    May 2007
    * Added support for reading email body from files, via the parameters:
        MessageFile and FileHandle

0.15    February-16-2007
    * Added ESMTP support for PLAIN AUTH (request from David Janssens)

0.14	January-25-2007
    * Fixed bug 24541 ( )
    reported by Thomas Klausner ( DOMM )
    "In line 182 of, you check the return value via a
    regular expression. But if the return value indicates an error
    (according to RFC 2821 Section 4.2.1 if the retrun value starts with
    5xx), you still continue to post the data. And in the end, the
    SMTP_Failure event is never called."

0.13    February-06-2006
    * Fixed a bug concerning the return values in case of error sending an email
        This means that ARG1 sent back when SMTP_Failure event occurs, having a
        key like OE::Wheel::* will contain a ref to an array containing the
        error received by the underlying wheel
        ( Thanks to Sergey Skvortsov for pointing me that out )
    * Added test file for checking the return when POE::Wheel::SocketFactory

0.12    November-17-2005
    * Added BindAddress and BindPort attributes that are passed to
POE::Wheel::SocketFactory when creating the socket.

0.11    November-11-2005
    * refactored the module to use Objects
    * redone the API
    * added examples
    * added BCC/CC support
    * added context support (Mike Schroeder's suggestion)
    * removed Alias as a mandatory parameter (patch from BinGOs)

0.06 - 0.10 Development or inexistent versions

0.05    June-23-2005
    * added smtp_bind_address parameter to ->send();
    it is passed to SocketFactory's constructor as BindAddress

0.04    June-20-2005
    * added a new parameter for the send() method, smtp_body instead
    of smtp_data
    * smtp_data is mutually exclusive with any parameter that may
    alter the message's header; this means that you either send a
    simple message assembled by POE::Component::Client::SMTP using
    smtp_body or you construct the entire message elsewhere and
    pass it to the smtp_data parameter
    * added smtp_ehlo so that the user may control what PoCoClSMTP
    sends in response of server greeting

0.03    June-06-2005/00:00
        * removed t/07-isa.t

0.02    June-02-2005/00:00
    * Output in debug mode is a little bit more readable
        * Added SMTP "Timeout" facility
        * Added tests for the module
        * "cleaned" up the module inside, meaning that most of the SMTP server
        codes have their own handler

0.01    May-23-2005/17:00
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.