Revision history for Cassandra-Client

0.19    2022/03/03

      * Fix bug with multiple async requests returning result for other
      * Update tests to prefer Cassandra 4.x

0.18    2020/11/12

      * Improve SASL interface

0.17    2020/07/21

      * Added idempotency awareness to allow for write retries

0.16    2019/02/08

      * Fix issue in the requirements list

0.15    2019/02/08

      * Implement stricter timeout checks in case nodes go away
      * The client now defaults to protocol version 4. A backwards-compatible
        protocol_version argument was added.
      * Fix a bug that would stop prepare() from working
      * Address performance issue executing DDL on a single-node cluster
      * Add statistics hook to get timing information about queries
      * Switch promises library to AnyEvent::XSPromises

0.14    2017/11/27

      * Refactor a series of (for now) undocumented APIs
      * Encoder rewritten in XS, for performance
      * Support connecting to Cassandra via IPv6
      * Implement exponential backoff for connection failures
      * Avoid deep recursion when executing many queries concurrently

0.13    2017/07/05

      * Fix a critical bug in the INET type decoder.
        If you run 0.12, upgrade immediately!
      * Add back 32bit support

0.12    2017/06/27

      * Decoder rewritten in XS, for performance
      * Temporarily drops support for 32bit Perl. It will come back in a future version.

0.11    2017/06/12

      * Stricter and faster reference checks
      * Deduplicate parallel prepare() calls for the same query
      * Deal with some of Perl's special variables like $"
      * Avoid leaking file descriptors in some cases
      * Support for User-Defined Types (UDT)
      * Support for the 'Tuple' data type

0.10    2017/01/30

      * Add a retry policy implementation for generic request failures
      * Throttler: finally fix the feedback mechanism
      * Rework shutdown() to not need asynchronous code
      * Rework the pool management logic
      * Support for UTF-8 authentication data
      * Convenience method row_hashes() on a ResultSet
      * Basic TLS support
      * Make sure file handles always get closed when shutdown() is called

0.09    2016/11/15

      * Fix support for Perl 5.20 and later
      * Fix a class of memory leaks caused by recursion using closures
      * Add support for TIME/DATE/TINYINT/SMALLINT data types added in CQL 3.3
      * Avoid SIGPIPE when we connect to localhost but Cassandra is not present
      * Add support for named parameters

0.08    2016/10/25

      * Change event loop implementation to EV
      * Redesign wait_for_schema_agreement, to actually wait for the schema agreement
      * Support for proper retry settings
      * Handle request backlogs by queueing them or failing them early
      * Add stack traces to asynchronous queries with errors
      * Fix handling of nested types, like list<frozen<map<int,boolean>>>

0.07    2016/10/10

      * Experimental support for client-side throttling
      * No more Perl 5.8 support -- 5.10 is now required
      * Addresses an error that can occur when a query is retried against a node that doesn't know that query
      * Fix a rare issue causing random "Request timed out" when utf8-flagged data is passed to non-utf8 types (ascii, blob)

0.06    2016/09/26

      * Hopefully fixes support for Perl 5.8
      * Addresses a documentation hole about the 'timestamp' type
      * Support for the 'varint' type
      * Support for the 'decimal' type
      * Addresses an issue that occurred when both the AnyEvent and synchronous options were used
      * Some refactoring to allow for future changes

0.05    2016/09/06

      * Updates Makefile.PL to list the correct requirements

0.04    2016/09/05

      * First version, released on an unsuspecting world.