Imager::Inline - using Imager with Inline::C.


  use Inline with => 'Imager';
  use Inline C => <<'EOS';
  Imager some_func(Imager::Color c, Imager::Fill f) {
    Imager img = i_img_8_new(200, 200, 3);
    /* fill with color */
    i_box_filled(img, 0, 0, 199, 199, c);
    /* inner area with fill */
    i_box_cfill(img, 50, 50, 149, 149, f);

    return img;


Imager hooks into Inline's with syntax to make it easier to write Inline::C code that works with Imager, you can call Imager functions without having to include headers or perform initialization.

Imager's Inline with support does the following:

  • add the installed Imager include directory to INC

  • add the Imager typemap to TYPEMAPS

  • include the headers needed by Imager C extension modules.

  • declare and initialize the Imager API function table pointer

  • filter the supplied code to replace Imager's class names with those that Inline::C can handle.


The filtering mechanism is global, it will replace the class names even inside string constants. If you need a string matching the name of one of Imager's classes, like "Imager::Color" you will need to split it into 2 to use C's string pasting mechanism, for example: "Imager:" ":Color".


Tony Cook <>




Imager, Imager::ExtUtils, Imager::API, Imager::APIRef, samples/