#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;

use Test::More tests => 19;

use constant NO_SUCH_FILE => "this_file_had_better_not_exist";

my $line;

eval {
	use autodie ':io';
	$line = __LINE__; open(my $fh, '<', NO_SUCH_FILE);

like($@, qr/Can't open '\w+' for reading: /, "Prety printed open msg");
like($@, qr{\Q$0\E}, "Our file mention in error message");

like($@, qr{for reading: '.+'}, "Error should be in single-quotes");
like($@->errno,qr/./, "Errno should not be empty");

like($@, qr{\n$}, "Errors should end with a newline");
is($@->file, $0, "Correct file");
is($@->function, 'CORE::open', "Correct dying sub");
is($@->package, __PACKAGE__, "Correct package");
is($@->caller,__PACKAGE__."::__ANON__", "Correct caller");
is($@->line, $line, "Correct line");
is($@->args->[1], '<', 'Correct mode arg');
is($@->args->[2], NO_SUCH_FILE, 'Correct filename arg');
ok($@->matches('open'), 'Looks like an error from open');
ok($@->matches(':io'),  'Looks like an error from :io');
is($@->context, 'scalar', 'Open called in scalar/void context');
is($@->return,undef,'Open should return undef on failure');

# Testing of caller info with a real subroutine.

my $line2;

sub xyzzy {
    use autodie ':io';
    $line2 = __LINE__; open(my $fh, '<', NO_SUCH_FILE);

eval { xyzzy(); };

isa_ok($@, 'autodie::exception');
is($@->caller, __PACKAGE__."::xyzzy", "Subroutine caller test");
is($@->line, $line2, "Subroutine line test");