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Changes for version 1.000000 - 2020-02-28

  • Release to conform with major_refactor branch of Test2::Harness
  • Add missing --renderer options to SYNOPSIS example
  • Always load Data::Dumper for error handling
  • Open the XML file handle with the UTF-8 encoding layer
  • Remove -T flag from all tests
  • Require Perl 5.10.0 everywhere (rather than 5.10.0)
  • Update README.md from POD
  • Update example in POD to suggest a different filename and reduce jobs to 4
  • Performance optimization when rendering XML
  • Remove boilerplate checks now we're clear
  • Remove generated META files from source control.
  • Job ID are reused on rerun now with major_refactor
  • Add the job ID to the XML output
  • Add a timestamp for each testsuite entry
  • Add classname to every testcase based on a munged test file name.
  • Add extra debug information when time stamps are missing. This is considered fatal now in the major_refactor branch.
  • Bump version requirement for Test2::Harness 1.000000 to require the major_refactor changes.
  • Address issue with retry output coming before ordering.


Captures Test2::Harness results and emits a junit xml file.