Author image Todd Rinaldo
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 0.030

  • Simplify _strict_mode_violation
  • Introduce new_dir() to allow older dir() syntax.
  • Provide a mechanism to setup custom strict rules
  • Make is_strict_mode a helper
  • Do not call _get_file_object when all we're trying to determine is if the file is mocked or not.
  • Add Test::MockFile::Plugins
  • We support "undef" as filename in strict rules to ignore filenames
  • Block Plugin::FileTemp < 5.28
  • Update MANIFEST


Allows tests to validate code that can interact with files without touching the file system.
Provides a class object for Test::MockFile to give out for opendir calls.
Provides a class for Test::MockFile to tie to on open or sysopen.
Plugin base class
Plugin to allow File::Temp calls
Plugin loader