Author image Todd Rinaldo
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 0.029

  • Fix broken link to small test documentation
  • Ensure strict mode is enabled by default and prevent import conflicts.
  • Fix warnings during global destruction
  • Additional rules for _abs_path_to_file
  • GH #103 - Update eg/
  • Add rmdir, mkdir and unlink default position
  • Postpone file arg check during strict mode analysis
  • Fixup hook args and teach for mkdir filename pos
  • Perltidy policy changes.
  • Use carp in filename and readlink
  • Fix broken link to small test documentation


Allows tests to validate code that can interact with files without touching the file system.
Provides a class object for Test::MockFile to give out for opendir calls.
Provides a class for Test::MockFile to tie to on open or sysopen.