Author image Todd Rinaldo
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 0.027

  • GH #75 - Strict mode is now on by default
  • GH #45 - Provide a helpful error message and document fileno unsupported.
  • GH #90 - Normalize forward slashes.
  • GH #126 - Document using debugger under strict mode.
  • Do not hard-code values of $!
  • Try to get more data when t/runtime-bareword-filehandles.t fails on cpan testers.
  • GH #64 - Do not overwrite the error code when checking for Docker
  • GH #63 - FreeBSD's readlink() returns EINVAL for readlink(undef):
  • Add more data for debugging test failures on OpenBSD


Allows tests to validate code that can interact with files without touching the file system.
Provides a class object for Test::MockFile to give out for opendir calls.
Provides a class for Test::MockFile to tie to on open or sysopen.