Revision history for Test-MockFile

0.004   10/24/2018
 - Raise the Test::More requirement to address an issue with Test2::Formatter::TAP
0.003   10/24/2018
 - Correct bug in use constant statement. 0.002 was broken on release.
 - Changes to code to give basic support for Perl 5.10+. Ideally you should be on
    perl 5.16 to run this code but it'll mostly work below that.

0.002   10/24/2018
 - Set bug tracker to github
 - Fix Fcntl bug when you use unsupported constants.

0.001   10/23/2018
 - First release with basic support for open/sysopen/opendir
 - Support is limited to Perl 5.20 until we address this error:
    Error:  Invalid CODE attribute: prototype(*;$@) at lib/Test/