Todd Rinaldo, Feb 13 2020 v0.20
* Add use warnings to improve kwalitee
* Spelling error in manpage
* Add MAP_POPULATE support, which has been available since Linux Kernel 2.5

Scott Walters, Mar 1 2017 v0.19
* Update the FSF's mailing address in their license;
  thanks to knnniggett
  This also gets the CPAN and github versions in sync

Scott Walters, Mar 1 2017 v0.18
  thanks to CowboyTim

Todd Rinaldo August 22 2014 v0.17_01
* Track fixes in github now all issues are cleared from RT
* Turn off homepage in META since there really isn't one.
* Minor fix to COW patch related to XS spacing.

Scott Walters, August 21 2014, v0.17_01
* RT 91483 - croak("variable is not a string") was hitting because it was being
  too selective with SV type for modern perls.
* RT 96043 - Updates to fix perl 5.20 COW issues
* RT 96043 - Add MAP_LOCKED flag
* Update contributors docs.

Todd Rinaldo August 19 2011 v0.16
* Testing looks stable on all major perl versions and distros.
* Release with only version bump

Todd Rinaldo August 18 2011 v0.15_02
* Pause blocked.

Todd Rinaldo August 18 2011 v0.15_01
* Patch from RT 70333 (Syohei YOSHIDA) to make error testing locale neutral
* Add test for GLOB mmap
* Make temp file larger for testing additional cases.

Todd Rinaldo April 4 2011 v0.15
* cpantesters looks good besides Win32. Waiting for someone from windows
  world to care/submit patch

Todd Rinaldo March 29 2011 v0.14_01
* Mmap could not handle files larger than 2GB if perl was not using 64bit int.
  Resolved the problem by taking a string and converting it via atoll,
  depending on _FILE_OFFSET_BITS > 32
* Added test and fix to croak if a negative offset is passed in.
* initialize global variable pagesize = 0 so it'll set right the first time
* Remove typemap which was only used by mmap sub. Now we're using SV,
  it's no longer an issue.

Todd Rinaldo Sept 7 2010 v0.14
* Tests look stable. Releasing prod version of module.

Todd Rinaldo Sept 1 2010 v0.13_03
* Skip unmapping of invalid variables on BSD kernels which
  seem to segfault on this event.

Todd Rinaldo July 29 2010 v0.13_02
* Do a little better undef detection in the SV before trying
  to blindly unmap it.
* Add tests to detect these cases

Todd Rinaldo July 27 2010 v0.13_01
* RT 59754 AUTOLOAD does quoted eval.
* RT 59753 Mmap.xs:14:0: warning: "_POSIX_C_SOURCE" redefined
* RT 15905 bug/segmentation fault on ia64 (altix)
* RT 22615 munmap($unseen) segfaults
* RT 59750 Update Makefile.PL to show Module dependencies.
* RT 59749 use Test::More and test interface more thoroughly.
* RT 59748 use XSLoader if possible for more lightweight load
* RT 59747 Don't import Carp into module by default
* update META.yml

Aaron Kaplan, Sep 2003, v 0.12
. cleaned up style and usage in C to fit ANSI-C
. contributed documentation

Scott Walters, Feb 2002, v 0.11
. tied interface to help reduce foot shooting and hoop jumping
. hardwire() utility method
. perl 5.6.x compatability

Malcolm Beattie, 21 June 1996, v 0.10
Original author, original version