Revision history for Net-Jabber-Bot


Fix examples for new moose code
Spelling errors in documentation
Display server error message when we think there was a disconnect event.
Allow the user to specify the path to the CA cert bundle via the 'ssl_ca_path' parameter.
Move jabber object creation to lazy moose
Add ignore file to repo
Clean up POD so new() documentation lays out correctly
Remove DD from code. Moose has a helper sub already for this anyways
Explicitly set priority of users - Adam Malone
Allow the user to specify the path to the CA cert bundle via the 'ssl_ca_path' parameter - Jan Schaumann
Don't bail if the IQ message doesn't contain a query - Jan Schaumann
Allow user to disable server certificate validity check - eleksir
Use Mozilla::CA for default path for ssl_ca_path - eleksir
Fix undefined warnings due to insufficient Moose Laziness
Misc distro file cleanup.
Automated testing with github actions
Remove author tests from user installs.
Point support to github now.

resource now unique per instance of bot based on alias_hostname_pid
new dependency from core modules - Sys::Hostname
__PACKAGE__->meta->make_immutable; for performance.
Removed gtalk option. Use tls => 1, server_host => '' instead.
using 'componentname' in connect rather than after connection like we were hacking it in.
All non-printable characters stripped and replaced with '.' via [:printable:] regex
Added documentation on minimal connect parameters now we have quite a few optionals.

_process_jabber_message was failing to parse multiline strings - fixed
Move to github -
Tickets/Groups will stay on Google for now.
Discussed using Backend of POE::Component::Jabber which would be a more stable/supported solution but requires perl 5.10
MooseX::Types now.
no Moose and no MooseX::Types at end of object for droppings

Tests were failing if people didn't have Config::Std installed which is only used for Author tests

Added warning message for legacy users initializing with message_callback or background_activity.

Add proper meta data into
Cleanup debug messages. Used to be able to do them inline but moose subs don't call inside a string any more.


New subroutines (AddUser, RmUser, GetStatus, GetRoster) to track ??? 
IsConnected reports connect status now.
ReConnect now works as expected. Calls background each re-connect attempt.

Bot now resonds to iq requests for version info. Also added gtalk example into the manifest (forgot for 2.0.7)

Fix to get gtalk working, kindly provided by Yago Jesus. It's doing something really funky with setting the hostname to
Need to later review why we're doing this. maybe we're ignorning connect messages from the server?
Also added gtalk bot example courtesy of Yago
New subs: GetRoster, ChangeStatus

Test::Pod::Coverage not configured to skip tests if not avail. Corrected this.

Missed a test file mentioning IO::Prompt (t/03)

Removed some email addresses present.
Tidy up manifest
Referring to google project in POD now.
Inserted gtalk fixes so the module will work with them.
Funky eval issue with gtalk client commented out. We'll have to look at that later, but for now we don't need it at all

Creation of Mock Client to allow automation of testing without a server.
Also added Example script so someone can see how to use the module.

Added Log::Log4Perl as dependancy. This should be in everyone's CPAN so it shouldn't be a big deal that people need to install it even though it's not necessary for people to use the module...

Oops! Guess I need to make this module dependant on Net::Jabber if it's ever going to make test.

Move to 3 digit version (see FAQ about starting with 2 digit version and going to 3)
internal callback maker created to reduce code.

1.2.1 Call back functions how call self funcion via anonymous subs.
Minor bug fixes and cleanup.

1.2.0 Re-enabled config test, plus fixed some docs. Versioning changes from here out to be 3 digit.
Bot will respond to different addressings per forum (all messages, jbot:, etc.)

1.1 Initial CPAN release - Basic tests built. Still more needed. Some of the limits are hard
coded. Arguably, these should be more in a child module, not the base class?

1.0 Initial pre-CPAN release -- Does basic stuff but no tests yet. not CPAN ready