This file contains a high-level summary of changes between recent
   stable releases of Type-Tiny. For a more detailed list, including
   changes in development releases, see the "Changes" file instead.

2019-12-11 Type-Tiny version 1.008000 released!

 - Type::Tiny has a website. <http://typetiny.toby.ink/>
 - Resolved all bugs from RT.
 - Completed everything on TODO.
 - Rewrite of the manual.
 - Lots more test cases. (Now almost 14,000 test cases total!)
 - wrap_methods/wrap_subs in Type::Params.

2020-02-19 Type-Tiny version 1.010000 released!

 - Recursive definition of type constraints.

2020-10-28 Type-Tiny version 1.012000 released!

 - List processing methods (grep, map, etc).
 - Type::Utils::is() and Type::Utils::assert().
 - Improvements to Types::TypeTiny.
 - Type::Params now provides an ArgsObject type.
 - ArrayLike and HashLike types now parameterizable.
 - Type::Library -extends and -utils flags.