version 0.002; 2013-09-21

  * bugfix: allow generated headers to work on API-compatible Perls
    other than the specific version under which this module was installed

  * bugfix: work around core bugs relating to the padrange op

  * load DynaLoader::Functions lazily, because it is only required at
    build time of users of this module, not required at all in normal

  * avoid potential circular dependency chain, by requiring a version
    of DynaLoader::Functions that has reduced its dependencies

  * in documentation, clarify that the header and linkable functions
    should be called at build time

  * test compatibility with indirect, and declare incompatibility with
    older versions

  * test compatibility with Sub::StrictDecl

  * fix a typo in the documentation

  * convert .cvsignore to .gitignore

version 0.001; 2011-05-20

  * add callparser_linkable constant to help users link with this module

  * avoid false test failures with parallel testing

  * look up Devel::CallChecker linkable library through its
    callchecker_linkable constant

version 0.000; 2011-04-29

  * initial released version