uav_video_dump --out /path/to/out_video.h264


Reads the video stream from the Parrot AR.Drone and puts it in a file.

If the --out parameter is not specified, it will dump to STDOUT. In theory, something like the below should show the video stream in real time:

    uav_video_dump | vlc -

But it hasn't worked for me yet. I'd be interested in comments/patches from anybody who figures it out.

VLC seems to guess the FPS of the h264 stream correctly. Mplayer doesn't seem to, and will show a streaky mess when it guesses wrong. The FPS setting will depend on your AR.Drone's configuration. You can try 30. Set it in mplayer with:

    mplayer -fps 30 /path/to/video.h264

If you want to know the exact value, you can telnet into your AR.Drone (after connecting to it on wifi, of course) and cat the file /data/config.ini. The setting will be under the [video] section with the key codec_fps.