uav \
        --host \
        -L /path/to/libraries
        -l ARDrone


Launches a shell for controlling a UAV. Perl statements may be typed at the prompt, ending with a semi-colon. With the Parrot AR.Drone, try:

    uav> takeoff;
    uav> pitch -0.5;
    uav> wave;
    uav> land;



Host IP to connect to. Out of the box, the Parrot AR.Drone will be its own wireless access point on IP (which is the default here).

-L or --library

Path to library modules. May be specified multiple times. By default, this will be the dist shared dir returned by File::ShareDir for UAV::Pilot.

-l or --load

Library to load. May be specified multiple times. It will need to be under one of the directories specified by the --library option (or the default library path).

-i or --iface

Specify interface name to be used with the drone. By default, iface is set to wlan0. Mac useses different interface names and can be found using the ifconfig command. More recent Linux setups with predictable interface names also use different naming convention (unless your distro configures things using the old names).

This is only needed with the multicast option.

-m or --multicast

Use multicast addresses for UAV connections that support it. In particular, the Parrot AR.Drone's nav data.

Multicast seems to be tricky to use on Mac OSX. Default is to use traditional unicast.