Version 0.10
* *::Control::Event modules should have their own role.
* Modify uav_joystick (and other bin/uav_*) to use share/ libraries
* For bin/uav;
    * Different libraries will need to be loaded with a different host
    * Use a factory pattern for init'ing the drivers and controllers
    * Error message formatting
    * Use a Factory object to create the Driver and Control objects
    * Load a config file for loading modules by default
    * Possibly use subref in @INC to load REPL modules.  See require() perlfunc 
      docs in Perl 5.19.2.  Note that feature was implemented in 5.10 according 
      to 5.19.2's perldelta.
* EasyEvent takes nav data into account ("vert_speed 1.0 until altitude == 
* Document:
    * bin/uav_video_dump (all command line options)

Version ???
* Send multiconfig commands in order to set video display size and fps
* Joystick
    * Support more than one joystick
    * Map toggle buttons using config