=head1 Mo Hacking

Mo is a group effort. If you want to work on it join #mo on irc.perl.org. It
would be a good idea to read L<Mo::Design> first.

Drop by and we'll give you a commit bit and put you to work!

=head1 Mo Rules

The first rule of Mo Club is...

1) You don't talk about Moose Club



=item IRC

#mo on irc.perl.org

=item GitHub

The code is here https://github.com/ingydotnet/mo-pm

=item src/

The I<code> is in C<src/>. That's where we hack on it. Running this command:

    make -C src/

will compress everything into lib so that you can run the tests.

=item Pod and Comments

We keep Mo.pm POD and comment free. We like to write lots of doc. We put it in
separate .pod files.

=item Git Branches

Always do your new ideas on a branch.