Mo - Micro Objects. Mo is less.


        package Less;
        use Mo;
        extends 'Nothing';
        has something => ();


    use Mo. Mo is less. Much less.

    Moose is huge. Moose led to Mouse led to Moo led to Mo. M is nothing.
    Mo is more. Not much.

    When Moo is more than you need, drop an 'o' and get some Mo.

    To get just a little Mo from Mo, use "Mo Features" below.

Core Features

    This is what you get. Nothing Mo.

    new method

      Mo provides a new object constructor. You pass it a list of
      name/value pairs and it returns a new object.

      Constructor will not call BUILD methods. This is available using the
      Mo::build feature.


      Mo exports the extends keyword, to declare your parent class.
      Mo::Object itself is your default parent class.

      Mo only supports single inheritance. If you need multiple inheritance
      or roles, you should upgrade to Moo.


      Mo exports a has keyword, to generate accessors.

      These accessors always support both get and set operations. That's

          has name => ();
          has thing => (foo => 'bar');  # arguments silently ignored

      All arguments passed to has are ignored. This makes it easier to
      switch between Mo and Moo, without having to change all your

    strict and warnings

      Mo turns on use strict and use warnings for you.


      Mo is tiny. It is compressed into a single line. You can easily
      inline it in your code, should you want to do that. See Mo::Inline
      for more information, including a utility that will do it for you.

Mo Features

    Mo is the bare minimum needed for Perl OO. Many times you'll want just
    a couple more features. Don't worry. Mo's got you covered:

        use Mo qw'build default builder coerce is required';
        has name1 => ( default => sub { 'Joe' } );
        has name2 => ( builder => 'name_builder' );
        has name3 => ( coerce => sub {$_[0]} );
        has name4 => ( is => 'ro' );
        has name4 => ( required => 1 );
        sub BUILD {
            my $self = shift;

    Mo simply loads the feature classes Mo::build, Mo::default,
    Mo::builder, Mo::coerce, Mo::is and Mo::required. The first one
    supports BUILD constructing and the other three add their magics to
    has. A Mo::Feature module can enhance new, extends and has, and also
    add new export subs, or remove existing ones. Features can also be
    combined for a single accessor. See Mo::Features for a list of all the
    features and for an explanation of the Feature API..








    Ingy döt Net <>

    Damien 'dams' Krotkine <>

    Matt S. Trout (mst) <>

    Christian Walde <>

    Alessandro Ranellucci (aar/alexrj) <>

    Carlos Lima (priodev) <>

Copyright and License

    Copyright (c) 2011-2013. Ingy döt Net.

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    under the same terms as Perl itself.