Revision history for Perl extension Text::WordDiff.

0.09  2018-08-21T03:21:47
      - Fixed a typo, thanks to gregor herrmann of the Debian project.
      - Update project metadata: The Perl Shop is now project
        maintainer, distribution homepage is now on MetaCPAN, and the
        project now includes an appropriate LICENSE file.

0.08  2011-10-19T22:08:34Z
      - Control and punctuation characters are now treated as standalone
        chunks rather than as part of the words the preceed them. This makes
        for much more intuitive-looking diffs. Thanks to Artem Krivopolenov
        for the pull request.

0.07  2011-06-19T05:04:42
      - Removed `.gitignore` file.
      - Added proper links to the GitHub repository.
      - Added bug reporting and repository metadata.

0.06  2011-06-18T22:20:53
      - Moved repository to GitHub.
      - Added Text::WordDiff::HTMLTwoLines by Amelia Ireland.

0.05  2009-04-06T18:34:42
      - Fixed documentation typo in Search::WordDiff::ANSIColor. Patch from
        Jeff Lavallee (Ticket #40509).

0.04  2008-05-06T17:24:36
      - Fixed a pasto in the "Support" section of the documentation.
      - Fixed an encoding-related test failure on Perl 5.6.2. Thanks to
        David Cantrell for the usual QA.

0.03  2008-05-05T03:27:04
      - Added the "configure_requires" and "recommends" parameters to
      - Added a link to the Subversion repository.

0.02  2005-09-16T01:19:16
      - Fixed example CSS so that insert is green and delete is red, instead
        of vice-versa.
      - Added code to split strings into words based on the Unicode \p{IsWord}
        character class in Perl 5.6.0 and later.
      - Expanded on the "What is a Word?" documentation section with some
        examples and more details based on the discussion at

0.01  2005-09-07T19:05:08
      - Initial public release.