Revision history for SQL-Yapp

2.002   2017-12-03
        - implement column subqueries, i.e. 'SELECT * FROM (SELECT ...) AS ...'
          Thanks to Yoran Heling for pointing me to this and for beta testing.
        - Allow COUNT(ALL a), COUNT(DISTINCT a), etc.; some syntax is now
          relaxed and does not catch all syntax errors, i.e., this will delay
          some syntax errors till the SQL DB reads the expression
        - Fix documentation.

2.001   2016-04-24
        - Fix Oracle 'AS' generation bug (CPAN #100454)

2       2013-04-07
        - Added sqlDo{} and sqlFetch{} for more easy direct embedding into Perl
        - Added prefix AND and OR
        - Allow void context if there is no result
        - BUG FIX: nested AND and OR sometimes expanded only into the outer operand
        - many more tests

1.002   2011-08-05/0:00
        - Removed HTML generation from Makefile.PL: not my business (and produced
          'unknown' results on cpantesters)
        - fixed documentation
        - reworked documentation
        - made hash interpolation deterministic by sorting keys
        - BUG FIX: REGRESSION: fixed parens again (WHEN was broken in some cases)
        - FEATURE: sqlCheck{...} + WHEN and hash interpolation
        - throw error in void context so that we can fill this with life later
        - changed required Perl version to 5.8 so that more tests can be done
          (produced 'unknown' results on cpantesters)
        Thanks again to cpantesters!

1.001   2011-07-31/0:00
        - BUG FIX: 'use DBI' in syntax.t (bug found by CPAN tests, thank you!)
        - BUG FIX: CAST(x AS y) cannot not be parsed (like several others)
        - BUG FIX: DEFAULT CHARACTER SET is not parsed correctly
        - BUG FIX: quote_identifier module option doesn't work
        - fixed documentation
        - more tests (simple syntax check from earlier manual testing)
        - more tests (some dialect switching features)
        - more tests (documentation examples)
        - added prerequisites to Makefile.PL

1       2011-01-01/0:00
        - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.