It's probably easiest to use the cpanm or CPAN commands:

bash $ cpanm Selenium::Remote::Driver

If you want to install from this repository, you have a few options; see the installation docs for more details.

With Dist::Zilla

If you have Dist::Zilla, it's straightforward:

bash $ dzil listdeps --missing | cpanm $ dzil install

Without Dist::Zilla

We maintain two branches that have Makefile.PL: cpan and build/master. The cpan branch is only updated every time we release to the CPAN, and it is not kept up to date with master. The build/master branch is an up-to-date copy of the latest changes in master, and will usually contain changes that have not made it to a CPAN release yet.

To get either of these, you can use the following, (replacing "build/master" with "cpan" if desired):

bash $ cpanm -v git://

Or, without cpanm and/or without the git:// protocol:

bash $ git clone --branch build/master --single-branch --depth 1 $ cd Selenium-Remote-Driver $ perl Makefile.PL

Note that due to POD::Weaver, the line numbers between these generated branches and the master branch are unfortunately completely incompatible.

Viewing dependencies

You can also use cpanm to help you with dependencies after you've cloned the repository:

bash $ cpanm --showdeps .