=head1 NAME

Maypole::Manual::Install - installing Maypole

=head1 Installing Maypole

The first thing you're going to need to do to get Maypole running is to
install it. Maypole needs an absolute shedload of Perl modules from CPAN
to do its job. I am unrepentant about this. Maypole does a lot of work,
so that you don't have to. This is called code re-use, and if we're
serious about code re-use, then Maypole should be re-using as much code
as possible in terms of Perl modules. In another sense, this gives the
impression that Maypole doesn't actually do all that much itself,
because all it's doing is gluing together already-existing code. Well,
welcome to code re-use.

The downside of code re-use is, of course, that you then have to install
a shedload of Perl modules from CPAN. If you're using OpenBSD or
FreeBSD, the wonderful ports system will be your friend. There's a
Maypole port in C<p5-Maypole>. Just type C<make install>.

Debian users, hang in there. There's a package coming.

For other Unices, the L<CPANPLUS> or C<CPAN> modules will help with
this. If you don't have C<CPANPLUS> installed, my recommendation is to
use C<perl -MCPAN -e install CPANPLUS> to install it and then throw
C<CPAN.pm> away. In any case, one of these two should get all that
Maypole needs:

    % perl -MCPANPLUS -e 'install Maypole'
    % perl -MCPAN -e 'install Maypole'

Information on installing under Windows is available from the wiki - 

More information of installing under various Linux flavours is available on the
Wiki - http://maypole.perl.org/?LinuxInstall

You're also going to need a database server and a web server. For
databases, I recommend SQLite (if you install the C<DBD::SQLite> module,
you get the SQLite library for free) for prototyping and mysql for
production; heavier duty users should use Postgresql or Oracle - Maypole
should be happy with them all. Maypole is happiest when running under
Apache C<mod_perl>, with the C<Apache::Request> module installed, but as
I said, it is a blank slate, and everything is customizable. There is a
C<CGI::Maypole> frontend available to run as a standalone CGI script.

As well as the documentation embedded in the Perl modules the distribution
also includes the manual, of which this is a part. You can access it using the
perldoc command, the man command, or by browsing CPAN.