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A Perl client to Version 3 of the Strava.com API

You will need to register for a Client Secret + Access token here: https://www.strava.com/settings/api

Set the authorization callback domain to:

To setup your authentication run the following bash strava --setup

It will generate a file ~/.stravarc where the authentication information is stored.

It will be available on CPAN soon, but you can install after cloning from github and using cpanminus.

Grab cpanm + local::lib bash $ sudo apt-get install cpanminus liblocal-lib-perl

Configure local::lib if you haven't already done so:

bash $ perl -Mlocal::lib >> ~/.bashrc $ eval $(perl -Mlocal::lib)

Install from git, you can then use:

bash $ dzil authordeps | cpanm $ dzil listdeps | cpanm $ dzil install

or cpanm (once it's uploaded there):

bash cpanm WebService::Strava