Revision history for Protocol-Database-PostgreSQL

2.000     2022-09-07 04:59:16+08:00 Asia/Singapore
    New features:

    - support for SCRAM-SHA256 (see Database::Async::Engine::PostgreSQL for the other half
    of the implementation)

1.005     2019-06-30 01:46:24+08:00 Asia/Kuala_Lumpur
    No new features.

    Bugs fixed:

    - inconsistent encoding in some messages, *UTF-8 is now applied for SQL query content
    to match COPY statements and other cases including passwords*. In future, the choice
    of encoding may be exposed as an option - for now, hardcoded as UTF-8.

1.004     2019-06-02 01:31:48+08:00 Asia/Kuala_Lumpur
    New features:

    - supports the latest set of error fields allowed in ErrorResponse and NoticeResponse messages,
    as of version 12 beta
    - also supports new error codes as listed in

1.003     2019-05-05 19:13:17+08:00 Asia/Kuala_Lumpur
    No new features.

    Bugs fixed:

    - the COPY handling assumed that the caller would apply encoding, but since that wasn't
    documented and much of the rest of the code assumes UTF-8 anyway (delimiters and newlines
    for example), we now explicitly encode the COPY items when in text format.

1.002     2019-04-28 05:23:16+08:00 Asia/Kuala_Lumpur
    No new features.


    - due to postfix dereference, perl 5.024+ is required (thanks to ANDK for reporting)

1.001     2019-04-15 05:55:03+08:00 Asia/Kuala_Lumpur
    New features:

    - Protocol::Database::PostgreSQL::Error class for better abstraction and
    error handling
    - Proper COPY IN/OUT support (text protocol only for now)


    - in debug mode, was generating a lot of unimportant output - have downgraded
    that to trace level instead.

1.000     2019-03-28 21:15:00+08:00 Asia/Kuala_Lumpur

    Forked from Protocol::PostgreSQL due to significant API changes.

Old Protocol::PostgreSQL version history:

0.008     2011-07-16 22:42:10 Europe/London
	Switch to Mixin::Event::Dispatch for event handling. Now uses ->invoke_event and
	->add_handler_for_event to deal with events, passing on_* callbacks to statement
	handles and db handles is still supported.
	Pass through the statement and portal when building a statement.
	Support ->discard on a statement handle
	Pass through ->debug value rather than setting true/false
	Wait for a startup event before processing queued requests
	Additional events:
	* command_complete now passed through when calling ->prepare_async
	* close_complete supported in statements, with pending queued handlers

0.007     2011-06-11 17:38:59 Europe/London
	Included some extra callbacks for statements so that we know when it's safe to send data, and provide
	support for the terminate/close requests so we disconnect cleanly.

0.006     2011-02-26 18:55:27 Europe/London
	More support for COPY IN, interleaved prepared statements and callbacks for data_row / no_data conditions.
	Improved performance slightly by moving some slow debug handling into coderefs.

0.005     2011-02-20 18:14:42 Europe/London
	Better handling of interleaved prepared statements (need to be named for this to work as expected).

0.004     2011-02-20 04:25:53 Europe/London
	Finish send_copy_data implementation.

0.003     2011-02-20 02:28:32 Europe/London
	Primitive support for the extra COPY callbacks.

0.002     2011-02-14 00:21:32 Europe/London
	Basic support for prepared queries and COPY.

0.001     2011-02-12 12:40:54 Europe/London
	Preliminary release to CPAN.