0.004     2012-08-02 00:11:05 Europe/London
	* Provide overload for EntityModel::Web::Page::Handler which dumps
	out some information about the request when used as a ->(coderef)
	* Use "http_verb" instead of "method" to avoid some ambiguity in
	* New ->update_uri_from method in EntityModel::Web::Request which
	applies the hostname, path and query parameters from a URI object.
	* Default to empty content when a section isn't found.
	* Add additional debugging messages to help trace page lookup failures.
	* Register plugin on import.

0.003     2011-09-18 23:53:31 Europe/London
	Pass (object, message) in log calls.
	Accept /path/index.html as well as path/index.html.
	Move ->context attribute into top-level ::Reponse class.

0.002     2011-07-26 23:33:49 Europe/London
	Fix list handling since EntityModel::Class changes.
	Make mention of other frameworks in SEE ALSO section.

0.001     2011-03-06 02:48:40 Europe/London
	Initial CPAN release.