Revision history for FormValidator-LazyWay

0.20    2012-12-25T02:45:00+09:00
        - fixed hash randomize. label values are ensured always sorting.

0.19    2011-02-02T13:20:00+09:00
        - fixed regex_map. one field name matches two or more regex_maps. (Kazuma Shiraiwa)

0.18    2010-12-06T18:13:00+09:00
        - bug fix. float & ufloat return 0 when value was start from 0. such as 0.11.

0.17    2010-10-22T13:18:15+09:00
        - again. loading Data::Visitor::Encode is optional now so that do not require Moose to install it.

0.16    2010-10-21T01:15:33+09:00
        - delete commentout from Makefile.PL for auto_set_repository.

0.15    2010-10-20T17:24:15+09:00
        - loading Data::Visitor::Encode is optional now so that do not require Moose to install it.

0.14    2010-06-06T23:32:15+09:00
        - fixed 0 is not false if config set default. (thanks Kazuma Shiraiwa)

0.13    2010-01-17T18:23:10+09:00
        - steal dependencies code from Data::FormValidator::Result
        - use_fixed_method profile option support

0.12    2010-01-14T17:07:50+09:00
        - Support result_class option to replace FormValidator::LazyWay::Result to your own Result class.

0.11    2009-12-16T21:46:51+09:00
        - fixed uninitializationed value on marge setting (thanks Kazuma Shiraiwa)

0.10    2009-12-07T14:55:52+09:00
        - use keys instead of each

0.09    2009-11-23T14:46:08+09:00
        - add build_requires YAML.

0.08    2009-11-17T16:41:52+09:00
        - fixed FV::LazyWay::Result->error_message was uninitialized by hash.

0.07    2009-09-12T17:13:56+09:00
        - added lang files.
        - fixed filter action for regex_map (thanks Kazuma Shiraiwa)

0.06    2009-08-29T01:24:28+09:00
        - added rule DateTime.
        - added filter Unify
        - added Document.

0.05    2008-12-18T18:19:49+09:00
        - eliminate dependence to YAML.

0.04    2008-12-16T20:56:08+09:00
        - added Test::Base subclass for YAML::Syck.
        - added non symbol ascii rule. only alphabets and numbers.

0.03    2008-12-15T14:49:54+09:00
        - edited depedencies module list at Makefile.PL.
          be grateful for your test. thanks!

0.02    2008-12-13T18:34:00+09:00
        - added encoding for pod.

0.01    2008-12-13T15:58:39+09:00
        - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.