[% # config/main
   # This is the main configuration template which is processed before
   # any other page, by virtue of it being defined as a PRE_PROCESS 
   # template.  This is the place to define any extra template variables,
   # macros, load plugins, and perform any other template setup.

   IF Catalyst.debug;
     # define a debug() macro directed to Catalyst's log
     MACRO debug(message) CALL Catalyst.log.debug(message);

   # define a data structure to hold sitewide data
   site = {
     title     => 'Catalyst::View::TTSite Example Page',
     copyright => '2007 Takeru INOUE',

   # load up any other configuration items 
   PROCESS config/col
         + config/url;

   # set defaults for variables, etc.
     message = 'There is no message';