Revision history for Perl extension Array::Unique.

0.08 2008 June 4

    Mostly CPANTS gaming
    Change pod header to include =LICENSE
    Some docs cleanup
    Include authors tests in xt/

0.07  2006 September 15
    Add pod tests 
    Add missing META.yml file
    Replace internal method Splice by _splice

0.06  2004 October 2
    Fixing a bug dropping false values from the list such ase 0 and "" (Werner Weichselberger)
    Adding more tests. 
    Using Module::Build 
0.05  2003 October 11

0.04  2002 December   - actually uploaded to CPAN on 2003.10.11 
    added use warnings to the released version as well.
    add tests with negative indexes and fix a minor problem
    with negative indexes in splice.

    Add '' in documentation to satisfy strict and warnings
    Change tests to use Test::More and add Test::More requirement
        to the makefile.

    Creat a new implementation from scratch that will replace all
    previous implementations. 

    Added lots of new tests. Test coverage as reported by Devel::Cover
    is 83.3%

0.03  2002 July 27
    Nothing changed inside.
    Added Tie::IxHash as a prequisite to the Makefile.PL file.

0.02  2002 July 26
    Fix a typo in SPLICE that caused it not working at all.
    Add a test that would have caught this bug.

    Separate implementation file from the main file.
    Add a faster implementation using Tie::IxHash.
    Add more test.

    Improve speed by not doing a full cleanup on each

0.01  2002 July 17
    First version, everything is new.