Changelog for Text-SpeedyFx

0.013 2021-06-13T05:44:35
 - Drop the dependency on List::MoreUtils (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Regenerated README.pod (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Bump copyright year (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Update nedtrie.h to the latest version (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Silence Test::Pod::LinkCheck (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Compatibility with Perl >= 5.32 (fix for issue #3) (Stanislaw Pusep)

0.012 2014-12-29T12:01:18
 - Dist::Zilla maintenance (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Fix for issue #2 (Stanislaw Pusep)

0.011 2014-06-20T12:56:59
 - Dist::Zilla maintenance (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Documentation update (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - drop PWP::Encoding dependency (Sergey Romanov)

0.010 2013-01-09T14:33:25
 - documentation improvement (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - fixed undefined symbol: DPPP_my_newSVpvn_flags (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - nedtrie CLEAR test (Stanislaw Pusep)

0.009 2013-01-06T22:37:32
 - nedtrie test (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - speedup (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - documented the nedtries caveat (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - safety check (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - DELETE implemented (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - README.pod update (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - benchmark update (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - major reorganization (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - ++magic (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - tied implementation complete (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - tied NEDTRIE interface (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - removed unnecessary speedyfx_store() (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - realloc() breaks pointers on Linux (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - ++overengineering (Stanislaw Pusep)

0.008 2013-01-01T21:36:52
 - renamed cosine_sim to cosine_cmp (to keep consistence with minhash_cmp)
   (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - fixed function name clash (_itoa already present on Win32) (Stanislaw

0.007 2012-12-31T01:50:24
 - updated benchmark results (yep, it is that faster, even on the lower
   clock! (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - less indirections (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - micro-optimizations for latin1 (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - macro rampage (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - macros cleanup (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - .gitignore update (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - no more warnings under Clang (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - added murmur to benchmark for comparison (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - replaced sprintf() by custom itoa() (Stanislaw Pusep)

0.006 2012-12-27T22:46:31
 - minor fixes (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - documented multibyte parsing tricks (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - break test (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - leak test (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - more optimizations (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - better utf8/latin1 tests (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - updated benchmark results (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - added cosine_sim utility (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - reallocation fixed (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - graduated the uniq_wc tool (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - make use of PerlIO::mmap layer (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - examples cleanup (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - optimizations (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - implemented variable codetable (+ raw ASCII support) (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - variable size arrays (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Dist::Zilla profile update (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - File::Slurp => File::Map (Stanislaw Pusep)

0.005 2012-04-10T13:58:26
 - feature vector reimplemented as a bit string (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - Changelog (Stanislaw Pusep)

0.004 2012-03-30T14:55:01
 - minhash_cmp @ARGV fix (Stanislaw Pusep)

0.003 2012-03-30T14:39:20
 - oops! (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - cast hash keys as unsigned int (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - test separation (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - minhash_cmp documentation (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - eg/ (Stanislaw Pusep)

0.002 2012-03-29T13:24:38
 - perl v5.10.2 compatibility (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - static fold table (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - hash_min() (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - min method (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - ++MinHash utility (Stanislaw Pusep)

0.001 2012-03-28T22:12:52
 - ++documentation (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - cleanup (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - seed is optional (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - ++hash_fv (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - passes release tests (Stanislaw Pusep)
 - INIT (Stanislaw Pusep)