=head1 NAME

XS::Framework - Framework for building C++ XS modules with shared code, typemaps and C++ perl API.


To high-level overview please read L<Shared XS modules manifesto|XS::Manifesto>.

XS::Framework consists of two major parts. First part, the I<C++ perl API> makes it convenient to
write C++ code, which iterates with perl. For example, it invokes L<SvREFCNT_dec> in destructor
upon perl variable (Sv) destruction; another example is safe type casting and perl functions

The second part is C++ typemaps mechanism; it serves as alternative to standard perl typemaps and
is shipped with pre-made storage and lifetime policies, make it possible to write C++ XS code
with zero overhead or easily adapt third-party C++ libraries into perl.

The L<XS::Framework> assumes somewhat familiarity with common perl XS-code;
please refer L<perlxstut> and L<perlapi>. The shipped manuals consists of XS
typemap cookbook L<XS::Framework::Manual::Cookbook>, which has a variety of
recipes from basic to advanced cases; and separate
L<XS::Framework::Manual::Typemap> and L<XS::Framework::Manual::SVAPI> references.

=head1 AUTHOR

Pronin Oleg <syber@crazypanda.ru>, Crazy Panda LTD

=head1 LICENSE

You may distribute this code under the same terms as Perl itself.